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Product Comparison

No description

Noel Scants

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Product Comparison

Products Criteria Purpose Observations Conclusions Chart Good Host Lemonade 1- Price Product Comparison The purpose of lemonade is to quench your thirst. 1- GoodHost gives you more lemonade for a better deal. 1- GoodHost is a way better deal than Country Time price wise.

2-Good Host is better for you. It has a better Nutritional Value.

3- I surveyed my family and it was a 4-1 vote. My family liked GoodHost better. Except for my Mom. She liked Country Time for the reason we didn't like it. By Noel Scantlebury Country Time Lemonade 2- Taste 3- Nutritional Value Price Taste Nutritional Value GoodHost gives you 13 litres for $6.99. it is 54 cents per litre. Products: 1- GoodHost Lemonade 2- Country Time Lemonade Country Time gives you 6 litres for $4.99. It is 84 cents per litre. GoodHost tastes very good. It has a lighter and more refreshing taste. Country Time also tastes very good. It has a more tart and sour taste. 2- GoodHost tastes better. Country Time is too tart. 3- GoodHost has 20 less calories than Country Time. GoodHost has 70 calories per serving and Country Time has 90 calories per serving. Country Time has calcium and GoodHost does not have calcium. GoodHost has 17 grams of sugar per serving and Country Time has 22 grams of sugar. GoodHost has more sodium than Country Time. GoodHost has 17 grams of carbohydrate per serving and Country Time has 22 grams per serving. Thank you for listening to my presentation. You can get this lemonade at any local grocery store like Safeway or Sobeys. I got my pictures from Google Images.
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