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This is our graduation Proyect

Brayan Sánchez

on 30 September 2011

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Transcript of Redfull

Network Management Objectives Implement a data network with international norms, standards and services through software management and skilled human resources in the field of structured cabling to generate a reliable convergent network. This infrastructure will be implemented in a company called Alta Gestion Ltda. ALGE Ltda Specifics Objectives •Analyze and look for more systematic tools suitable for using in the data network. •Establishing a plan of tools and resources and network setting based on the specific needs of the company. •Plan the distribution of the active devices in the building to ensure proper operation. •Create the logical topology of the data network distribute it to fit the needs of the network. •Perform simulation and testing to find Problems •Create physical planes with the consolidation of the information collected with data such as location of active devices, the location of electrical equipment, the location and current data points and the distribution of copper cabling routes. •Successfully implement everything learned in the SENA Problem Statement Using ANSI / TIA / EIA standards training and support Panduit, to generate the design of routes and spaces, labeling of the sections to identify and manage the copper wiring also implement standards, monitoring and ,correction, security and policies of use for users and maintaining the connectivity, performance, practicality, and availability. Ensure accounts access authentication and authorization. Implementation of monitoring and network traffic filtering with tools like PRTG and including VLANs and access control lists. All these tools and solutions for Alta Gestión Ltda ALGE •Lack of devices and locations for testing project
•Design of complex Topology
•Non frequent visits to the company
Alta Gestion ALGE Ltda
The company in which we will implement the project is in REDFULL Alta Gestion ALGE Ltda. This company is a Temporary work agency. This company has a poorly designed network infrastructure.
Network Topology Electrical Chart Network Management Plan Impacts Social Impact Improved streamlining of procedures for applicants of service provided by Alta Gestion ALGE Ltda. Ecomomic Impact Redfull provides economic gains for both Alta Gestion ALGE Ltda and to project managers. Technological Impact The technological impact is seen in the company with the advent of systematic tools and network components that we will be implemented under the project to develop equipment capable of routing and switching and monitoring software, content filtering and managing dedicated servers network logic. Conclusion Redfull is a project for the implementation of the network in the company Alta Gestion ALGE LTDA this network to implement all the knowledge acquired in the, hoping to obtain financial and academic benefits to make contribution to technological advanced.
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