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Kaye Kress

on 21 September 2013

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When an entrepreneur exercises his talents for the good of others, then his career as an entrepreneur is part of his response to God's call.
The World of Business:
Conflicting Images
Christian Principles
Ultimately, all wealth, goods, and property belong to God. We are merely caretakers of that wealth.
Our work is not just a means of making money but connected to our call through which we serve God and other people.
All dimensions of our lives, including the business dimension, should be evaluated in terms of how poorer vulnerable people are affected.
True success is measured by the enrichment of ourselves, our families, and our communities.
The first step toward examining morality in business is to recognize that every business decision is at the same time a moral decision.
Examining Morality in Business
Beyond the Bottom Line:
Morality concerns itself with:
In addition, because of pressures and opportunities to make increasing amounts of money, are business people more likely than others to bend or stretch morality?
If all work is important, and if a career can be a dimension of our ministry,
The Bishops affirm that all work has moral significance.
Community and Interdependence
1. How people are helped or hurt.
Does the "bottom line" - that is, making a profit override all other considerations in business?
Balancing Concern for Many People
2. How people are benefited or burdened.
3. How people are nurtured or negated.
All business decisions have an effect on people.
It is the proper conduct in business.
Long-term and short-term effects of moral or immoral decision-making can be delineated.
Establishing a Rationale for Morality in Business
We might get caught and the consequences would be great.
Cheating is only a short-term solution to a long-term problem. Cheating does not eliminate the problem and might actually aggravate it.
By cheating, our personal integrity and honesty will be damaged.
Accepting the Challenge of Sustaining Morality in Business:
Tensions and Temptations
Entrepreneurship is a game of winning and losing in which winning typically means making a great deal of money.
The Challenge facing entrepreneurs is to stand up for morality and to remain true to their principles even during the heat of battle.
Christian Values and Business
Bishops: "No dimensions of human life lies beyond
God's care and concern."
We are God's Caretakers
Christian learn from scripture that human beings are commissioned by God to be stewards of creation, a term that means
offers a very exalted image of man's relationship to the goods and services that humans provide one another in their business and professions.
Work as Ministry
These are the important concepts in evaluating our economic system.
then whatever we do deserves a just wage and also deserves to be viewed with respect.
Business Decisions and Their Act on the Poor
The Bishops remind us that the acid test of any profession, of any business decision, and of any economic system is the effect that it has on the poor and the vulnerable ones of our world. Therefore, the Bishops call for an evaluation of our society and its institutions in light of their impact on poor people.
True Business Success
Three Dimensions of the morality of work
First, it is a principal way that people exercise the distinctive human capability for self-expression and self-realization.
Second, it is the ordinary way for human beings to fulfill their material needs.
Finally, work enables people to contribute to the well being of the larger community.
True business success is measured not only in pesos and cents but also in terms of self-realization and service to others.
Morality with entrepreneurs is not just good for business; it is necessary for our survival.
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