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Werewolf Skin.

No description

zoe moran

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of Werewolf Skin.

Werewolf Skin.
By R.L. Stine
Alex Hunter
aunt Marta and uncle Colin.
About the book.
This story follows a twelve year old boy named Alex Hunter. He wants to be a photographer when he grows up. Alex has to go to Wolf Creek for two weeks because his parents went to France. He stays with his aunt and uncle, aunt Marta and uncle Colin. While Alex is at Wolf Creek, he is determined to take many great photos. He also wants to take a great Halloween picture for the contest that he entered at home. But Alex doesn't know about the surprises that the future holds.
Aunt Marta and uncle Colin live in Wolf Creek. They are photographers that travel lots. They have a nice girl next door who's name is Hannah, and on the other side they have the Marlings. The Marlings are very strange and unfriendly people. But the Marlings have a very deep secret that they must not let out. They have a very run down house, with a destroyed porch, and ripped curtains. Their house is always dark. And Alex wants to find out what's going on, but uncle Colin warns him to never go over there.
So after Alex arrives in Wolf Creek, he goes back to his uncle and aunt's house with his aunt and uncle. Alex had a very big surprise after he told his aunt and uncle what he wanted to be for Halloween. After all it was a few days before Halloween. Alex said that he wanted to be a werewolf, and then his aunt and uncle started acting weird and giving each other weird looks. It was then after when uncle Colin looked back at the road, they realized that they were in the path of an oncoming truck. Uncle Colin swerved out of the way just in time, and they landed in a nearby ditch. Uncle Colin blamed the incident on not paying attention. After that uncle Colin and aunt Marta were acting weird, and giving each other looks. Once they got home Alex saw a weird house next door to his uncle and aunt's. It was very destroyed and run down. The porch was rotting and the curtains were ripped by what looked like animal's claws. Uncle Colin warned him to not go over to that house because there is very unfriendly people who live there. Alex met the girl that is next door on the other side of the house, and her name is Hannah. A couple days passed and Alex went out to the woods behind his aunt and uncle's house with Hannah so that he could take photos. Two boys from Hannah's class came over to them, Sean Kiner and Arjun Khosla, and asked Alex some questions. Then they started to throw around Alex's camera, back and forth. Alex didn't like that and told them to stop. Hannah got it back for Alex. The two boys left because it was getting dark. Hannah and Alex left too. Hannah went over to Alex's aunt and uncle's house for dinner. After that Alex went up to his small room and cleaned up a bit. He wasn't tired, but he still went to sleep. As he went to his closet to put on his pyjamas, he saw an orange light coming from the marlings' house. He watched as a silhouette moved in the house. It was caught in the rectangle of orange. The figure moved away from the window, and Alex could see an animal tail. Then a long howl went up into the air. The figure went to the window again and Alex could see the jaws as it howled. He decided to take a picture of the howling beast, so he went to his dresser, and his camera wasn't there. He searched all around his room looking for his camera. But he couldn't find it. He started to hear two howls together. Then the sound of a window opening arose. And then a heavy THUD. He heard low grunts and heavy footsteps. He looked out his window but didn't see anything. He ran out of this room, searching for his camera. He called for his aunt and uncle, but they weren't there. Then he heard thudding footsteps above him. They're in the house, he realized. He grabbed the attic door and tore it open. And Hannah called down. Turns out it was just her trying on some old clothes for Halloween. He asked her if she knew where his camera is. She said that he might have left it in the woods. So he said that he is going out to get his camera. And Hannah said that the woods aren't safe at night. But Alex didn't listen. He went downstairs and stepped outside. He trotted to the backyard and right into the woods. He turned on his flashlight and began looking for his camera. He quickly found it on a flat tree stump. He picked it up and started for home. But he heard an animal snarl, right behind him! He ran into a clump of fat shrubs and quickly hid. The animal attacked another animal. Then it started coming toward Alex. He spun away from the shrubs and started to run. He could hear the animal grunting behind him as he ran deeper into the woods. He ran for a little while and lost the beast. He leaned against a tree, making sure the beast wasn`t chasing him, and it hit him from behind! He fell to the ground, and soon after realized that there was nothing there. Then he realized that he was lost. There was nothing he recognized. He decided to not call for help because the animal could hear him. He decided to stay in the woods for the night because he would have a much better chance of finding his way back when it is light. But it started to rain and he started walking. He found his flashlight. He started to run. He found the tree near his aunt and uncle`s house and picked up his pace. And he finally burst into his aunt and uncle`s backyard. Then he saw animal footprints going to the Marlings` house. And you will have to read it to find out the ending.
About the author.
R.L. Stine's real name is Bob. So far he has written over fifty mysteries and thrillers for young people, all of them bestsellers. Bob grew up in Columbus, Ohio. Today he lives in an apartment near central park, in new york with his wife, Jane, and son, Matt. Bob gets the question "where do you get your ideas?" a lot. He doesn't know where his ideas come from, but he does know that he has lots more scary stories in his mind.
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