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community radio - governance and personnel

No description

Vanessa Graber

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of community radio - governance and personnel

COMMITTEES BOARDS Bylaws Creating Governance Structures and Personnel Policies for Community Radio Mission Statements Staff Policies Prometheus Radio Project Presented By:
Vanessa Maria Graber Programming Questions ? 2. Boards are responsible for long-term planning & policy decisions. 3. Approves station budget & grant proposals since they are fiscally responsible for the organization. 4. Community Radio stations should have a diverse board that is reflective of the community they serve 1. The license holding organization is the board of the radio station. 2.Committee Examples: Fundraising & events, outreach, news & public affairs, technical, and programming 1. At least one member of the board should be on each working committee 3.Advisory committees are a away of getting feedback and/or involving people from the community without having to appoint them to the board "WSLR is an innovative, listener-supported, non-profit, non-commercial FM radio station dedicated to serving the Sarasota community. WSLR features locally produced programming and presents cultural, artistic, and political perspectives currently underrepresented in the media. Our goal is to inform and empower listeners to play an active role in WSLR and in their community. WSLR’s programming promotes equality, peace, sustainability, democracy, and social and economic justice."
~WSLR- LP in Sarasota,FL Defines the kind of station you are including the community(ies) you serve, the programming which you air, and your values Agenda Boards
Mission statements
Station Profiles
Q & A Provide a guide for how the organization will operate 1. Start with History, Mission, Vision, Values 2. Are you a membership organization? 3. How often will the board meet? 4. Board qualifications, elections, terms, & leadership 5. Broadcast Guidelines and Policies 6. Amendment making process The Board of Directors should develop a job description prior to hiring a station manager. Other job descriptions may be developed by the station manager or a committee for other positions. Volunteers should have job descriptions just as paid staff and should be expected to follow through with their assignments accordingly. Volunteer Underwriting Personnel Membership Conflict Resolution Budget FCC Compliance Business Management Station Rules Ownership and Distribution of Produced Material http://kboo.fm/board/policies WORT WISU WSLR WFMU WMMT Location: Sarasota, FL

Board: Elected annually, meets monthly

Staff: 1 paid, part-time station manager and an engineering consultant, paid as needed

Committees: Executive, Programming, Technical, Fundraising, and Community Advisory Board

Programmers: All volunteer, must complete 2 volunteer service hours a month Fun Facts Location: Terre Haute, IN

Board: Board of IN State University

Staff: 2 Faculty Advisors, station manager, and an engineer with some part-time paid positions for students

Programmers: Mostly students and volunteers from the community

Structure: Hierarchical -WISU is a "labratory experiment" for apsiring radio broadcasters.

-Student run station however students have little say in the dayto-day operations.

-Over 30 volunteer programmers

- Runs mostly like a commercial station Fun Facts - Over 80 volunteers

- Representation from New College Students

- Budget is over $100K Fun Facts Location: Madison, WI

Board: Elected to 3 yr terms

Staff: 5 Full time, 4 part time, BODs, over 200 volunteers

Programmers:community members chosen by programming committee

Structure: staff collective overseen by BODs (hybrid)

Committees: 12 committees comprised of board, staff and volunteers

Programming: Block -community with radical roots - Full power station

- Award winning news team comprised of volunteers

- Provided extensive coverage of Union protests at state capital Location: Jersey City, NJ

Board: Auricle communications

Staff: 6 full time including GM, Program Director and Chief Operator, also has several Part Time staff

Programmers:community members, must complete volunteer service

Structure: GM reports to the Board of Directors

Committees: Staff advisory committee incorporates staff concerns, handles programming and volunteer grievances WFMU is the home of:

-Radio vision festival

-Free Music Archive

-Famous NYC Record Fair

Longest running freeform radio station in US Fun Facts Location: Mayking Peak, KY

Board: Board of Appalshop

Staff: General manager, Program director, Director of Community Engagement and several other part time staff

Programmers: Over 50 Volunteers from the community

Structure: Hierarchical. GM reports to Board and CAB

Committees: Community Advisory Board

Programming: Music, arts, and Public Affairs that caters specifically for the Appalachian communities of KY, VA, WV, NC, and
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