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Psychosexual stages

No description

Justine Clement

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Psychosexual stages

Oedipus Complex Electra Complex Stages Psychosexual Development 1. The boys sees father as a rival for his mother and wishes to kill him 2. Boys start to desire mother and
wants to have sex with her 3. Development of superego,
substitutes the desire for
mother into desire for other
mothers 4. State of conflict!
Resolves by identifying
with his father Fear that father finds out about his feeling and castrate him
(Birth to 18 months).

During the oral stage, the child if focused on oral pleasures (sucking). Too much or too little gratification can result in an Oral Fixation or Oral Personality which is evidenced by a preoccupation with oral activities. This type of personality may have a stronger tendency to smoke, drink alcohol, over eat, or bite his or her nails. Personality wise, these individuals may become overly dependent upon others, gullible, and perpetual followers. On the other hand, they may also fight these urges and develop pessimism and aggression toward others. Oral Stage Electra complex was a name coined by Carl Jung. It explains what happens to girls during the the phallic stage. It states that girls also focus on their genitals during the phallic stage as well as focusing on that they have feelings for their fathers. 'Oepidus was a Greek mythical figure who killed his father and married his mum' Girls begin to understand that they do not have a penis and develop penis envy. However penis envy is not as strong as penis castration, this means that boys identify stronger with their fathers than girls do their mothers Freud used this myth to explain relationship between parent in the phallic stage (18 months to three years). The child’s focus of pleasure in this stage is on eliminating and retaining feces. Through society’s pressure, mainly via parents, the child has to learn to control anal stimulation. Anal Stage
On the opposite end of the spectrum, they may become messy and disorganized (anal expulsive). In terms of personality, after effects of an anal fixation during this stage can result in an obsession with cleanliness, perfection, and control (anal retentive). Ages three to six.

The pleasure zone switches to the genitals. Freud believed that during this stage boy develop unconscious sexual desires for their mother. Because of this, he becomes rivals with his father and sees him as competition for the mother’s affection. During this time, boys also develop a fear that their father will punish them for these feelings, such as by castrating them. This group of feelings is known as Oedipus Complex ( after the Greek Mythology figure who accidentally killed his father and married his mother). Phallic Stage Age six to puberty.

It’s during this stage that sexual urges remain repressed and children interact and play mostly with same sex peers. Latency Stage Puberty onwards.

The final stage of psychosexual development begins at the start of puberty when sexual urges are once again awakened. Through the lessons learned during the previous stages, adolescents direct their sexual urges onto opposite sex peers, with the primary focus of pleasure is the genitals. Genital Stage In the Greek Myth, Electra wanted her brother to kill their mother. Girls begin to develop a sexual attraction for their fathers as well as a sense of romantic love for him. She also begins to see her mother as an obstacle or rival for the father, and may even blame her mother for her lack of penis. A girl is seen to focus on her father due to her lack of a penis. This is because she thinks that her father will be able to help her get one or a substitute. However some say that rather than having penis envy, they want male power rather than wanting a penis. They believe to obtain this power they must identify with their mothers in order to become a mother and have her father.
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