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OpenGovernment.org.uk - Civil Society Network Meeting

No description

Tim Davies

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of OpenGovernment.org.uk - Civil Society Network Meeting

2011 OGP Launched Increase the availability of information about governmental activities.

Support civic participation.

Implement the highest standards of professional integrity throughout our administrations.

Increase access to new technologies for openness and accountability. September 2012 April First OGP Plenary First UK National Action Plan UK becomes joint co-chair of OGP 2012 September First anniversary UK becomes lead co-chair of OGP UK civil society organise to engage with the OGP process UK
Civil society vision? Where are we today? Introduce the Open Government Partnership process to a wider UK community, and re-energise already-engaged organisations;
Build shared understanding of the OGP, and the particular issues UK-based CSOs would like to see it address;
Explore civil society perspectives on priorities for the global OGP, and identify key actions the UK should take in its leadership role as OGP co-chair
Explore civil society perspectives on domestic OGP issues, and identify key elements that should be included in a revised National Action Plan;
Work towards a draft CSO Network Strategy for the next 12 months How did we get here? www.opengovernment.org.uk What else is going on in
the OGP space? www.okfestival.org www.opengovstandards.org + Independent Reporting Mechanism launched Introduction Presentations A. Right to information and accountability B. Participation, policy making and service delivery C. Transparency and anti-corruption D. Corporate transparency Open Data Policy CPIDP www.datapolicy.org.uk Freedom of Information in the UK Campaign for Freedom of Information www.cfoi.org.uk Principles on Right to Information & the Security Sector Public Concern at Work Review of Public Interest Disclosure Act Public Concern at Work www.pcaw.org.uk www.pcaw.org.uk Open Policymaking Democratic Society http://openpolicy.demsoc.org/ Consultation Code of Conduct Tim Hughes, Involve Children and Young People's
Participation Practical Participation / BYC Participatory Budgeting Vince Howe Trustworthy Records
& Open Government International Records Management Trust http://irmt.org/ Service delivery and provision of public services Alison Holder
Save the Children Citizen engagement in multi-stakeholder transparency initiatives Several examples of citizen engagement
UK-supported TAIs – IATI, EITI, OBI, CoST (UK pilot & OGP countries)
In UK, E-govt board is seeking user input, neighbourhood budget pilots, and a hack day for civil society to work with open data experts
The UK can demonstrate leadership through:
An improved Code of Practice on Consultation
Concrete mechanisms for citizen engagement and feedback
Building capabilities of state and non-state actors,
particularly at sub-national level Citizen Engagement in Multi-Stakeholder Transparency and Accountability Initiatives Tool for citizen engagement and feedback on development projects and TAI standards Integrity Action Open Government and Corruption Eric Gutierrez International Aid Transparency Initiative Andrew Clarke Open Budgets Graham Gordon Natural Resource Transparency Graham Gordon Register of Lobbyists Anne Lindsay Company registries and beneficial ownership Gavin Hayman Open corporates Chris Taggart Construction Sector Transparency Initiative Matthew Parke Initiated by DfID in 2007 to address mismanagement, inefficiency and corruption in the construction sector.
CoST is a Multi-Stakeholder Initiative
Full programme going ahead in 8 countries
G20 Endorsed
CoST as formal NGO being launched late October in Johannesburg/London Construction Sector Transparency Initiative The UK MSG
Coordinated by the Institution of Civil Engineers
Members drawn from: clients, CSOs and professional bodies.

Central Government engagement:
HMT/Infrastructure UK
Seeking to assist by creating a CoST portal
HA completed data sheets
Cabinet Office Efficiency Reform Group
Cabinet Office Open-Government Partnership

Local Authority:
Local Housing Authorities engagement CoST in the UK www.opengovernment.org.uk/briefings/ Article 12 of the UNCRC gives under 18s a right to be listened to in all decisions that affect them. Open government should include a commitment to include children and young people. The UK should renew commitments to actively consult with under 18s on all policies that affect them. International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) Open data standard for international flows.

34 donors, accounting for 75% of global aid.

16 donors have begun to publish to IATI Registry, including DFID, DECC, WB, EC.

NGOs are publishing – 75 and counting...

OGP? From data commitment to culture change. publishwhatyoufund.org/uganda The complete picture of aid and domestic budgets in Uganda (2003-6) #ogpuk (2) www.opengovernment.org.uk + E. Articulating a broad vision of open government Working presentation from October 11th network meeting www.participatorybudgeting.org.uk
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