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All in a Day's Work

One girl's journey to write a book...and make sure it survives the feedback.

Shauna Ross

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of All in a Day's Work

All in a Day's Work The Project Write the Book Make Illustrations Send It Off for Feedback Project Steps Outline Character Profiles Writing the Story Feedback Book Binding this is a very interesting novel. It is very intruiging
and yet, sophisticated great choice of diction, interesting plot! can
relate to the characters! enjoy the mystery
elements i like the names, they reflect and add to the
characters' personality. im in chapter six now,
but its all really interesting. are there ANY nice
teachers in this school? it seems like all of them
are out to get hte students or something. i <3
mysteries!! a+++++ wow awesome story you should try to get this published i like these chapters so far. It seems as if the story
is happening in modern times. it is sooooooo
awesome ;) Research Obstacles Time Management Writer's Block Communication Problems Personal Growth Better Writer More confidence Better Communication Skills Improved Time Management Project Paper The role of private investigators in the
criminal justice system Contrary to popular fiction, private investigators
are not vigilantes. The protagonists of All in a Day's Work are imitating fictional private investigators. My paper is examing the realities of the career. Any Questions? In spite of the concerns of privacy advocates,
private investigators play a vital role in the
criminal justice system because they supplment
the work of police officers, offer citizens a way to
solve problems the officials cannnot touch, and
provide a valuable information-gathering service
for defense attorneys. Why? A lifelong love of writing A challenge Further my goals of becoming a
published author
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