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Savin' Me - Nickleback

No description

Shannadon Fearnot

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Savin' Me - Nickleback

Figurative Language
"These iron walls can't hold my soul"- personification
"These city walls don't have no love for me"-personification
"glory i'm fallin'"- repitition

Song information
"Savin' Me" is a rock song written by Canadian band Nickelback. It was released as the third major single from their fifth studio album, All the Right Reasons (2005). The song reached number two on the Canadian Singles Chart, became another top ten hit for the band in New Zealand, peaking at number nine, and peaked at number nineteen on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart.
Music VIdeo for the song
The music video opens with a man in a trenchcoat wandering near a street corner. He then sees a young man talking on a cell phone helpclose about to get hit by a New Jersey Transit bus, and pulls him back just in the nick of time, and then walks away. The young man starts staring at other people as the song begins. Band members Chad Kroeger and Ryan Peake in the music video for "Savin' Me".
Eventually, the viewer sees that the young man sees timers with glowing numbers counting down above the heads of everyone around him. To everyone else he appears to be crazy. He is baffled by the timers until he sees an elderly woman being brought out on a stretcher: when the timer above her head reaches zero, she dies. Shortly afterwards he sees a young woman sitting down and peeling an orange. She has numbers above her head and in front of her pregnant stomach. He also sees that he cannot see the timer above his own head. He soon spots a business woman about to enter her car, and sees her timer rapidly dwindles much faster than it should, dropping from the millions to the single digits in a matter of seconds. He pulls her out of the way just before her car is crushed by a falling statue in a crate (which, in an example of foreshadowing, can be seen in midair about halfway through the video (timestamp 2:00 as well as the lyrics just afterwards: "I'm fallin'"). The young man, talking on a cell phone, then walks away with his own reappearing glowing numbers overhead, just as the man who had saved him did, leaving the businesswoman astonished as she now sees the timers over everyone else's heads.

In this case the person speaking is the main person that can see the time runing out the person realizing that we don't have that much time left to live.
Savin' Me
By the title I assume someone is being saved from something. In this case they can see the other persons life going by in mear seconds. And the show that they care by savig the other person when their clock is running out of time.
Literally what happens is that the only person that can save you is yourself or someone else. It is sayig that if you had the chance to save someone would you? It has a very powerful meaning saying that you don't have much time in your life so you need to do the best you can and help as many people as you can.
Savin' Me - Nickleback
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