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Diary of Victory

Literature task

ying xuan

on 8 February 2011

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Transcript of Diary of Victory

Victory's Diary Today's mood : Today's weather : Mouse's I'm lying on my bed now and I'm feeling messed up. Mama is suddenly coming home after twelve years in prison for doing drugs. I don't know if I am feeling glad or depressed right now. Somewhere deep in my heart. I know I HATE my mother. She was never there for me through the years. It had always been grandma. I feel that she is a complete stranger, someone who does not know me but wants to get close to me very much. Whenever I went to visit her or talked to her on the phone, it always seems like a responsibility and it always so awkward. I don't exactly know how to react to her, to be her daughter, or what to feel towards her. But still, I LONGED for a mother. One who would shower me with tender loving care, one who would give me hugs that last for days. That will have to remain as a fantasy, a dream . All this is not made better by the fact that I am born as a heroine addict. That emptiness that hurt so badly does not help me feel at all better with the fact that my mother is in jail. Everything is caused by her, she kind of ruined my childhood life which would HAVE BEEN great fun... without her. Gramdma and I are going to fetch Mama very soon. Oh, and she bought me a new white LACY dress for the occasion, which is not of my taste and which I find a total waste of money. Also, when Mama moves back in, I will have to give up my room to her and move to the couch. It would be sooo uncomfortable >( Yikes! I got to go fetch Mama now... I'm still full of mixed feelings now. I wonder how both of us will react. 12/2/02
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