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Custom Closet

No description

Kara Marciscano

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of Custom Closet


April 29, 2014
Presentation to Web Developers
My CustomCloset
April 29, 2014
My VirtualCloset My StyleData My Account
My Schedule
My Outfits
My Purchases
Perfect for your meeting! Wear all black to keep your outfit simple and your audience focused on your presentation, rather than your outfit. Adding the blazer to straight-leg black pants looks suit-like, but remains feminine. Wear sunglasses while you travel to the presentation, it's going to be sunny!
A cute outfit for drinks with your friends. Transition quickly from work to play: keep the shoes and the blank tank top on from work, but change into a patterned skirt and add accessories to spice up the outfit.
A more casual outfit for drinks with your friends if you have time to change between work and your evening plans. Embrace the warm weather with light sand colors and bohemian style while staying comfortable in jeans.
Outfit 1
Outfit 2
Outfit 3
On Trend
Budget Sensitive
Backpacks are in for Summer '14. This Tory Burch bag is perfect for a casual beach day.

This pink Tory Burch bracelet is down from $95 to $25 and goes perfect with almost everything.
You want wardrobe diversity and you love shoes, but don't have a pair of sneakers. These Louboutin sneakers will add some diversity to your shoe selection.
In Store: Nordstrom @ The Natick Mall

In Store: CUSP Chestnut Hill Mall

In Store: Saks 5th Avenue Copley Square
High Quality


A Walk Through the User Experience
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