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eastern woodland indians

Learn about the eastern woodland Indians with this prezi.

Evan Edwards

on 21 October 2015

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Transcript of eastern woodland indians

The Eastern Woodlands native americans
where the eastern
woodland indians lived
The Eastern woodlands lived in the eastern United States such as Tennessee and Kentucky, and also lived by the East Coast in log, twig, or mud/clay homes.
Eastern Woodlands
From 800 B.C. to 800 A.D.
By: Evan, Cole, Ben and Kylee
Eastern Woodlands
Arrival theories
What the Eastern Woodland Indians
did and used.
Land bridge
The End
We hope you learned all about the
Eastern Woodland Indians, and we hope you enjoyed this prezi. We hope that some of you will use this prezi to help you in more social studies projects.
They used forest wood for houses, canoes, cooking utensils, and hunting equipment. They also killed and prepared their own food.
Migration from
Europe along
the East Coast.
Migration from the edge of the West Coast.
cool facts
They did not water their fields, they relied on water from the sky.
Their favorite clothes were deer and beaver hides.
They made paper out of trees.
They lived near the coast
because the lakes and rivers had food and were a way for transportation.
They also hunted what they could find and never wasted.
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