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The Bonus Question

No description

Mohamed Alabed

on 17 November 2016

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Transcript of The Bonus Question

The Bonus Army Demands:
1932 March on DC:
43,000 marchers—
World War I
veterans and their families
Payment of the certificates from the World War Adjusted Compensation of 1924
Payment should be in the amount of the face value of the certificates ($1000 per veteran)

The march will cease once legislation has been acted.

(Failure of the senate to follow Wright Patman)
Work Experience
Congress passes the Compensation Act
The Bonus Expeditionary Force
The Bonus Question
Historical Example
The Bonus Army
$ 2 billion dollars payed
issued exec order creating a Civilian Conservation Corps
Maybe marching on DC could work?

"I told that dumb
not to go down
"Patriotism can neither be bought or sold.....To attempt to pay money for it is to offer it an unworthy indignity which cheapens, debases and destroys it."- Calvin Coolidge
The World War Adjusted Compensation
Act 1924
His Veto was overridden by Congress
Tank supported cavalry
drove out the veterans
and their families

Confrontation with the police
-Veterans Robert Hushka
and Eric Carlson are killed
==>President Hoover orders the eviction
of the protesters
Army Chief of Staff
Douglas MacArthur
The practice of war-time military bonuses was started in 1776.

It was intended to compensate the soldiers for earnings lost while serving.

Vets of the spanish-American war did not receive any bonuses

World War I vets were paid $60 each
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