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Go Ask Alice {Annonymous}

No description

Sarah Bleu

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Go Ask Alice {Annonymous}

Go Ask Alice {Anonymous}
Go Ask Alice
Apparently this book was such a hit when it was published in 1971 that there are more like it.
Would I recommend this book?
No. I would probably not recommend this book because of some explicit details.

Yes. I would recommend this book if you were dealing with addiction of mostly any kind.This book really shows what could happen if you get involved with the wrong people. *

I would rate this book a 4.7
Written by the hands of an actual fifteen-year-old growing up in the 1960's. The moral of the story is brilliant. Despite the troubles of her daily life she wrote religiously in her diary, which at some points seemed like her only friend. She says it as it is and gives an insight to the world of drugs and adolescents.
So... who's telling the story?
Did the
publisher even have a purpose?
Yeah, plenty; learn from your mistakes, and be educated, set goals, be true to yourself.
"I have read some of the stuff I wrote in the last few weeks and I am being drowned in my own tears, suffocated, submerged, inundated, overpowered. They are a lie! A bitter, evil cursed lie! I could Never have written things like that! I could never have done things like that! It was another person, someone else! ... Someone evil and foul and degenerate wrote in my book, took over my life. ... Was it really just a nightmare and it seems real? ... All of it couldn't be true. ... I have two choices; I must commit suicide or try to rectify my life by helping others. That is the path I must take, for I cannot bring further disgrace and suffering upon my family"
Be above the influence.
July 10th-

The first time Alice does drugs. At a party with Jill*- LSD
July 14th-
She goes on a date with Bill and he introduces her to Speed and Torpedos
August 3rd-
Alice does "Groovy" Acid with Bill
August 10th
Alice takes her grandpa's sleeping pills
Aug 22nd-
She gets tranquilizers from the doctor
September 10th-
Chris* gives Alice a drug infused candy
Sept. 23rd
She mentions having to take Dexies at school to stay high
Sept. 26th-
She uses marijuana for the first time
Oct. 19-26th*
Chris and Alice leave home [?] and go to San Francisco, determined to be sober.
Oct. 5th-
Alice starts selling drugs to elementary kids and peers
Nov. 23rd-
Chris and Alice go to a party in San Fran and are influenced to use by adults
Feb. 24-27-
Alice, Chris and another boy get caught selling and are all put on probation.
Mar. 5th-
Alice gets co-pilots and blanks out, ending up in Denver.
Mar. 5th- Apr. 6th-
Alice ends up in Oregon, alone, no money
December 3rd-
Alice and Chris use Heroin for the first time.
The subject of the book dies 3 weeks after the final entry.
The overall theme?
Jan. 24th-
She goes over to Chris's place and they use- ending their sober streak
Mar. 5th- Apr. 6th-
She becomes so sick and unhealthy she begins hallucinating
Mar. 5th- Apr. 6th-
She meets Doris, a 14 year-old
April 6th-
Alice is home and clean for good
June 3rd-7th
She is made fun of and threatened because she is sober
July 7th-22nd-
pages 122 through 128
She wakes up in a hospital and has to be sent to an insane asylum
* She was drugged by th "Grass Gang"
August 9th-
She is able to come home.
Sept. 21st-
She decides not to keep another journal
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