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mark neugwou

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of cars

Cars Evolution of Cars The earliest automobiles recorded were wagons powered by a steam engine. This was invented by Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot in the late 1700s. It was a very primitive compared to cars today, as it was very heavy and hard to steer. This led to the first recorded car accident by Nicolas Cugnot.
Also, there were in the 1830's that were powered by electricity, but these were also very slow and heavy so they were eventually left behind.
The internal combustion engine changed the way automobiles were powered. The engine used gasoline, diesel, or kerosene to work. When the gas exploded in a cylinder it pushed the piston down and turned the wheel.
Although many people tried to make a good car that would work well and sell well, people say that Karl Benz invented the modern automobile. He used a four cylinder internal combustion engine to power his "car". This started the internal combustion cars that we still use today. HISTORY Effect Cars have turned a very turny turn for people. People no longer have to walk everywhere and can travel great distances without braking
a sweat. People can now interact faster personally. Meeting up socially with friends is no problem. Distance is no barrier to meet up with friends. However, It may seem like an amazing invention, but it is also destroying the earth as we know it.
First off, cars have many dangerous chemicals inside of them. The most referred chemical is CO2, which can create breathing problems for people. Carbon monoxide is highly poisonous to humans and also contribute to global warming. Runoff rainwater often carry gas and other harmful chemicals that damage the environment. Furthermore, I believe that it is causing a slight health problem as people are not getting enough exercise due to the convience of cars. As you can see the picture below, you do not see a single person getting any form of exercise.
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