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Copy of Stage Directions - Death of a Salesman

No description

Haley Labian

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Stage Directions - Death of a Salesman

Thanks for listening! We are DONE. How do stage directions effect a piece? Stage Directions in Death of a Salesman Descriptive Directions Delivery Direction

WILLY: That so? And he gave you the ball, heh?

BIFF: Well, I borrowed it from the locker room. [He laughs confidently

WILLY: [Laughing with him at the theft] I want you to return that. Example of delivery direction Stage directions matter Setting Naturalism
Surrealism Past and Present Pace WILLY - [furiously] You big ignoramus, if you say that to me again I’ll rap you one! I don’t care how big you are [He’s ready to fight]


CHARLEY - [Kindly, going to him] How much do you need Willy? In conclusion, stage directions, wrought with characterization, symbolism, mood, pace, and surrealism are used by Miller throughout the play Death of a Salesman to communicate background information and characters true feelings to the reader and audience. FINALLY!:) Characterization

[Charley has appeared in the doorway. He is a large man, slow of speech, laconic, immovable. In all he says, despite what he says, there is pity, and now, trepidation. He has a robe over pajamas, slippers on his feet. He enters the kitchen.] Symbolism [The Woman bursts out laughing, and Linda’s laughter blends in. The Woman disappears into the dark. Now the area at the kitchen table brightens. Linda is sitting where she was at the kitchen table, but now is mending a pair of her silk stockings.] Mood [A melody is heard played upon a flute. It is small and fine, telling of grass and trees and the horizon.] By Haley Labian Types of Stage
Directions There are three;) Movement Directions i.e. props, sets costumes

Mainly for backstage and lighting crew pauses
emotions Miller, and other writers, who
focus on dramas with mind and
spirit rather than plot and action
are commonly called social
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