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No description

Natalie Kim

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of AIESEC XP

Drive 2015 AIESEC Statements & Wheels Model of Competencies Core this Essence is our main compass that connects our vision - Peace and the Fulfillment of Humankind's Potential The Chinese wisdom of Yin Yang represents a metaphor between slow and Fast, soft and Hard, Essence and Progress AIESEC XP session what we envision:
Peace and Fulfillment of Humankind's Potential AIESEC Golden Circle Introducing... What is AIESEC
about??? AIESEC 2015 AIESEC 2015 stimulates progress and is our aspiration in order to get closer to our vision. The AIESEC WAY is our compass to get there The Big Picture WHY HOW WHAT WHY does AIESEC exist?

To empower young people for Peace & Fulfillment of Humankind's Potential HOW do we deliver our unique selling points?

Value-based platform;
Accessible to a high volume of young people;
Exploration & development of leadership potential;
Experiential learning;
Cross-cultural understanding & Creating positive impact WHAT does AIESEC provide ?

Team member program;
Team leader program;
Global community development program;
Global internship program Our BHAG:
Engage and develop every young person in the world Big

It's a hope that drives organisational accomplishments by setting a focal point of efforts for organisational alignment The BHAG is used for pointing a motivational direction that pushes us closer to our vision Objective: First-choice Partner
What type: Across sectors
How do you deliver it: By being recognised for our ability to develop responsible & entrepreneurial leadreship Objective: Positive Impact
What type: Cross-generational
How do you deliver it: By living a high quality AIESEC experience & by enabling collaborative environment Objective: Global youth voice
What type: The most credible & diverse
How do you deliver it: By our growing physical & virtual reach The Experience we Offer you are here now what can You do next? The main program of AIESEC is delivered here.
These is a leadership development centre where the members can learn & gain everything from the global leadership network of AIESEC Examples of Team Member positions: Communication Coordinator
Working with Mass Media;
Communication plan and strategy building;
Promo materials creation HR Coordinator
selection of candidates;
Interview and assessment of 5 competencies;
Evaluating the level of English Trainee's Agent
Working with MyAiesec.Net database;
Building international cooperation;
Preparing trainees for a "Cultural Shock"
checking trainees during internship Example: You lead a Project Project Manager
Team work coordination;
Team education;
Final responsible for result.
Project’s planning;
Time-line creation;
Project team recruitment; Experience Abroad The most intense learning experience that links our Global Youth Network;

Encompasses cross-cultural positive impact through working abroad for social & community development projects;

Self development and self enhancement Existing Project Your Own Idea Development Abroad Specialization in a certain field of work;
Long-term nature;
Working on diverse business projects & organisations Professional Simulation Time Work in team of 5;
Receive a Role with Job Description and a Task;
Listen to the announces and decide in groups whose responsibility that is;
Come to FACI & show the number of your Job Description;
Get a bonus for the right choice of a team Dinner Time

Let's Eat!
Bon Appetite! Specialist of Direct Sales
Researching the market;
Persuading potential corporate clients;
Building local cooperation (Summer Camps) video
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