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Going Green

Its for the better of society!

Dilynn Whitmer

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Going Green

Cannabis sativa, more commonly known as marijuana, is by far the most commonly used illicit drug in not only America but throughout the entire world. Cannabis Sativa Many negative stereotypes, the majority of which are false, surround the drug and its users. Most of these stereotypes point to stoners being unproductive criminals. As a result of this, a plant with many great uses has been thrown aside as a legtimate crop, and listed as a Schedule I drug by the federal government. What are the uses? Going Green Cannabis plants are a great source of industrail bio-fuels, fibers for clothing and paper products, and the seeds produce oils used in health foods Legitimate Uses Even though the hemp plants that produce these industrial products are of little use for recreational or medicinal purposes, the potential growers still suffer from the U.S. prohibition laws, as the plants are technically the same species. The regulation of marijuana has restricted the growth of a viable industry in America. Even our Canadian neighbors to the north have a thriving hemp industry. One of the most debated recent issues in the American political scene is Medicinal marijuana. Medical Marijuana Medical marijuana is legal in twelve of the fifty states in the union. California was the first to legalize cannabis for medicianl uses with the passing of State Prop 215 and the resulting passage of State Bill 420. Many anti-marijuana activist argue that marijuan breeds criminals but in reality it is the prohibition of the drug that breeds the crime. These activist don't talk about the states that have succesful medicinal marijuana laws. In these states there are people who are legitimately using the herb medicinally, and this use has grown into a small, yet lucrative industry of growing quality medicine. Mostly because they can't disprove the medicinal qualties of certain strains of marijuana Ineffective Prohibition The prohibition of marijuana is very unsuccesful and if that isn't obvious to you then you should open your eyes. Its all over campus. It has also worked itself into today's culture. It can be seen in magazines, movies and the music industry. It is possible to buy everything needed to cultivate marijuana, except for the seeds themselves, at the local hardware store. Youtube even has videos showing you how to grow your own. Head shops, such as Lexington's own Purple Haze and Botany Bay, openly sale marijuana paraphernalia under the legal guise of being for tobacco only. The attempted prohibition will continue to be ineffective as long as there is other crime in America's communities. The police forces of America have priorities and marijuana is not one of them.
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