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CL5 - Future Tenses

No description

Miguel Angel

on 13 May 2017

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Transcript of CL5 - Future Tenses

Future tenses
We can refer to the future in three ways
1. be going to
- Richard's not going to work in summer.

- I'm going to buy a new car pretty soon.

- Are you going to get a present for Gina?




usually are used in present continuous for future.
2. Present Continuous for future
For plans with other people, arrangements and appointments.
I think
the exam will be a little difficult, so please study hard.

I’m sure
you’ll pass the job interview.

John will
lose his job because of his misbehavior.

* be able to
Currently I can’t afford an apartment because of my debts, but next year I
’ll be able to buy

I think they
won’t be able to come
to the wedding because their daughter is sick.

be able to finish
this work for

1. be going to

2. Present continuous

3. Future simple: Will
1. Frank is
meeting / going to meet
his girlfriend after work.

2. I’m
starting / going to start
guitar lessons one day.

3. My friends are
coming / going to come
over this evening.

4. I’m
seeing / going to see
my grandparents this weekend, I called them yesterday.

5. I’m
reading / going to read
a novel in English one of these days.

6. Marc and Nataly are
getting married / going to get married
in two months.

7. Pamela is
learning / going to learn
Chinese next month.

8. I’m
having lunch / going to have lunch
with my friends from work this Friday.

We use it for personal plans
and intentions
Are you coming

to the movies with us tonight?
I'm going
to the concert this weekend
Karen is seeing the doctor this afternoon.

I'm meeting some friends after work.
( plans & intentions )
( arrangements )
( predictions )
3. Future Simple: Will
Will is used for predictions. Perhaps, maybe /
I believe, I think, I hope, I'm sure, probably
are used here.
Use the right form of the future form
1. Maybe I .......... shopping later. (go)

2. I .................. shopping with Martha later. (go)

3. I think there ................ a meeting to talk about new projects this year. (be)

4. I can't go, I ...................... with some friends at the library at 4 pm. (study)

5. I ............................ my job because I'm tired of it. (quit)

6. I ............................ my grandma in the afternoon. (probably / visit)

7. Tomorrow? It's impossible, I .................. lunch with two associates. (have)

8. We ............................ our car because we don't need it anymore. (sell)
'll go
'm going
will be
'm studying
'm going to quit
'll probably visit
'm having
're going to sell
Miguel Angel Esquivel CL-5
To talk about possibilities in the future
Sarah called me, she
's not coming
Choose the most suitable form of the verbs:
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