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Tayla Baxter

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of INVENTIONS

fluffy like my soul
Im looking at you!
evil kitty kat

Urban Farming
Introductory Video: Local and Fresh Produce
It is becoming increasingly easy to travel across the world. There are many new inventions that plan to change the way we travel forever. Flying cars are no longer stuck in novels, but are now being developed and introduced.
Smart cars
Volkswagen created this car, it is a car that hovers above the ground. Although it looks like it is straight from a sci-fi movie, this car which was nicknamed the "peoples project" It is made for two people and the car utilizes magnetic force to float in the air.
Urban Farming is also known as Urban Agriculture and is all about growing and producing vegetables, herbs, fruits and animals locally. Urban Farming is a process that involves different roles such as processing and delivering food, collecting recycling waste and rainwater, also while educating and giving people around the city jobs. Plus Urban Farming plays a big part in trying to reduce the carbon footprint. Urban Farming is constantly creating new and improved ways to make the future a environmentally healthy place.
The AirPod car runs purely on pure compressed air. They will be manufactured in Italy and estimated to go on sale in Summer 2014.
Effects of Urban Farming:
Air travel has changed majorly in the past decade, with it becoming more affordable to travel.
Diseases affecting the kidneys represent a major and unsolved health issue worldwide. The kidneys rarely recover function once they are damaged by disease, highlighting the urgent need for better knowledge of kidney development. Two years, Anthony Atala showed the world that human organs could be 3D printed. Now, a team from eastern China has successfully printed a series of living kidneys. This is a huge step forward in the quest for 3D printed replacement organs. While Atala's original 3D printed kidneys were made with a bio-ink that perfectly replicated kidney tissue. Now scientists have created miniature 3D kidneys structures from human stem cells. The current batch of 3D printed kidneys only have a lifespan of four months.
Future of Medicine
Vertical Farming is the future to Urban Farming. With space running out quickly in cities and countries the new idea of building up is going to benefit the environment on a global scale. Vertical farms will be many stories high and will be cheap, easy and environmentally safe to build. The buildings will be put in the heart of urban centers around the world. Vertical farming promises us sustainable production of foods which will vary as the concept of vertical farming grows. Plus it will repair the ecosystem by using the land wasted from horizontal farming. This idea will help feed the estimated 3 billion people who by 2050 will be living in urban centers.
New Urban Farming Concept:
Living Kidney Printed in 3D
Urban Farming effects the way we live and grow as a community. Urban Farming targets the many prolbems we have now and possibly some we will have in the future. Those aspects are:
The 'plane of 2050', is a concept that can very much change the way we travel. The wall membrane is made from plant matter that turns invisible, thus giving the passenger a view of the world while flying.
Effects on Employment:
Lead Researcher and Professor Of The 3D Kidneys- Xu Mingen
There will be zones, the front for relaxation, the back for work and a bar for socialising in the middle.
Use In The Future
Overall our future looks bright, with many new and exciting concepts right at our finger tips thanks to technology.
Effects on the Environment:
Urban Farming is part of the urban ecological system and plays an important role in managing the environment. For example, with cities across the world getting bigger to accommodate the growing population we have more and more wastewater and organic wastes. For most cities disposing all the wastes has become a serious problem. Urban Farming can help to solve such problems by turning urban wastes into a productive resource. Another ecological benefit is that Urban farming will offer mproved hydrology, cleaner air, better soil quality, whilst also saving energy by producing and delivering locally. Urban framing puts a massive focus on reducing the amount of waste we produce which in the long term can be very effective and environmentlly beneficial.
The future is an environmentally concious place. And the aspect that affects the future the most is us.
Although the concept of creating 3D kidneys is still experimental, researchers have also shown that one day it will be possible to use 3D printing technology to create replacement tissues and organs. This invention is definitely something that is needed in a world where only very few patients among the millions in need of an organ transplant, ever get one.
Financial Impacts
Urban Farming is not seen as a source of profit however people who help Urban faming aswell as the government, will see the benefits on the economy. Plus if the communities support urban Farming and involve farmers' markets which allows benefits such as money to be shared with the producers and the consumers. With the growing numbers dof urban farms we will see a rise in profits from the farms, as well as people becoming more resourceful that will help towards a more financially friendly future.
With the sudden rush of Urban Farming we see a larger demand of people who can help grow, sort and deliver all the produce from the growing numbers of farms. Although money and profit is not really the priority of urban farming, in the future urban farming will be the main source of food and this is where the money side of urban farming appears. People who choose to help urban farming in their community will be rewarded with the sense of achievement and understanding towards environmental issues and how important urban farming is towards the future of a healthy world. People who put in time to work on urban farming may it be just an hour every night or take it up full time will notice the true benefits on their society.
Future Developments To Urban Farming:
Along with Vertical Farming we also see more different ways to improve the way people Urban Farm. Not only urban farming happening around cities we also see the new invention called the Sea leaf Hydroponic Farming System. With an estimated 21 megacities around the world a total of 18 of them ae on a coast. This opens up massive opportunities on urban farming for the years to come. Crops will be produced along the coastline and can be accessed by floating pontoons, this allows farmers to collect and tend to crops right on the coastline. By using irrigated rainwater and natural sunlight this idea can be hugley effective on the economy. This concept will also decrease carbon miles from mass importation of produce. Overall Hydroponics is an eco-friendly and effective way to farm and will definately help the environment and the world in the future years.
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