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Module C- Texts and Society

No description

Mrs Calderara

on 28 August 2014

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Transcript of Module C- Texts and Society

MODULE C: Texts and Society
This module requires students to:
texts used in a specific situation
characteristics within various social contexts
a diverse range of textual forms and features and media
ELECTIVE 2: Exploring Transitions
Students will:
a variety of texts
transitions into new phases of life and social contexts
new knowledge and ideas, shifts in attitudes and beliefs and deepened understanding of the self and others
Activity: Film Review
A way to introduce the unit to your class...
Prescribed text: Billy Elliot (Film) Directed By Stephen Daldry
Module C: Exploring Transitions (Film: Billy Elliot)
Activity: Storyboard using Bitstrips
Nonfictional Resource: Breaking Night (Memoir) and Film: From Homeless to Harvard Directed By Peter Levin
Activities: Profile and Interview (Podcast)
Nonfictional Resource: Go Back to Where You Came From (SBS)
Tug of War (Debate)
Nonfictional Resource: BBC News Miner's Strike Website
Activity: (In pairs) Radio broadcast
MODULE C: Texts and Society
Fictional Resource: The Perks of Being a Wallflower By Stephen Chbosky
Activity: (Creative) Dialogue and Role Play
Fictional Resource: The Lost Thing By Shaun Tan
Activity (Creative)
Create an image of your own lost thing
Writing task
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