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Missouri State Government

Branches and Officials

Matt Basinger

on 25 April 2016

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Transcript of Missouri State Government

General Assembly
David Pearce
Nathan Beard
State Senator
State Representative
Jason Kander
Clint Zweifel
Chris Koster
Peter Kinder
Jay Nixon
Lieutenant Governor
Secretary of State
Attorney General
Commission chooses 3 qualified people
Governor chooses one within 60 days
Judge serves one year. People vote to either keep the judge or repeat the whole process. If kept, the judge serves for twelve years.
Nonpartisan Court Plan
Missouri State Government
Heads the Senate
Has the same duties as the vice president
Popularly elected by the people
Agriculture and environment
Consumer protection
Law enforcement
Chief election officer
Manages elections
Helps businesses
Manages state revenue
Manages unclaimed state revenue
Conducts audits on businesses and govt agencies
Makes sure everything is run the way it should be
Nicole Galloway
line item veto - most governors can veto parts of an appropriation bill instead of the whole bill.

How might this increase the power of the governor?
There are 7 Supreme Court members
Senate - Elected to four-year terms. Limited to 2 terms
House - Elected to two-year terms. Limited to four terms
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