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The path to the best information

An quick introduction of CityU Library

Kayo Chang

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of The path to the best information

the path to the best information
CityU Library presents...
What's in the library?
We have e-books too!
What's so special about the resources in the library?!?!
I already use Google for all my research...
The library contains scholarly resources that are authoritative and reliable, which are great for research projects
You found the perfect article on Google Scholar, only to find out that you have to pay for it?
by using the library's databases, you will be able to access articles for free.
Unlike Google, the information in the library is organized and has been reviewed, selected and classified by librarians
After hours of searching on Google, you still can't find what you are looking for?
In addition...
Has the following ever happened to you?
Library e-resources
Free Internet resources may not be available in full-text.
Links may be “dead,” and information may be outdated.
Library e-resources are not free. The Library pays a fee for access to them. Most are available in full-text.
Resources are updated regularly.
Most resources on the Web are unfiltered. Information found using search engines does not go through a review process, and should be carefully evaluated for accuracy and reliability.
Web resources from Google & other search engines
I am still not convinced...what's the difference between library e-resources and Google?
More authoritative and reliable for academic purposes, including peer-reviewed and scholarly materials.
More organized materials, selected, reviewed, and classified by librarians.
Magazines /Newspapers are excellent sources for current events and opinions on a wide range of popular topics.

Academic/scholarly journals are good sources for current research and trends on a specific topics.
Okay, it seems to make sense to use library resources... but how do we know when to use...
To have an overview of a topic.
To have comprehensive information on a topic
To find historical information.
To find summary of research on a topic.
Please note: some of these resources are only available electronically through the databases subscribed by the library.
This depends on the sort of information you need
Where to start searching
You can also additional help from our Information Desk and IT Help desk!
Meet your friendly reference librarians
contains journal, magazine and newspaper articles.
As well as magazines and newspapers!
and if you can't find something, you can ask for help from librarians!
Try library databases, you will get more useful results quickly...
Welcome to CityU Library!
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