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Abraham Lincoln

No description

robyn kopf

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln
In 1858, as leading republican, Lincoln ran for U.S. senate against a man named Douglas.
During the competing of Douglas and Lincoln both argued against slavery, starting the Lincoln-Douglas debates.
Throughout these debates Lincoln would not give up as he believe the blacks should be given freedom of rights.
Even though Lincoln did not become U.S. senate,throughout these speeches he gained a national audience.
Two years later Lincoln became president.
Abraham Lincoln

Was born into a poor family on a farm near Hodgenville,Kentucky in 1809.
When Lincoln was seven, his family moved to Illinois
Preformed backbreaking labor, and other work such as cultivating land.
In Illinois, Lincoln was able to go look for actual jobs as a store clerk, postmaster, or a surveyor.
Abraham Lincoln as President
Inauguration began in 1861.
Served two terms as president.
Lincoln officially became president on March 4, 1861.
Ended on March 3, 1865.
Fun facts
Abraham Lincoln created the secret service on On April 14, 1865 the day Lincoln had died.
Made the last Thursday of November thanksgiving day.
Lincoln's mother had died of poisoned milk.
First president to have a beard
Stored papers and documents in his top hat.
Born on December 13 , 1818 in Lexington,Kentucky.
Was raised in a rich family
Went to an all girls school
When Mary was 21, she met 31 year old Abraham Lincoln at a dance in Illinois
Got married on November 4, 1842.
During the elections , Mary helped Lincoln through writing letters to leaders and also sent letters to relatives to influence Abraham's view of slavery .
Helped as a nurse in the union hospitals during the civil war.
As her Mary's special project she chose to redecorate the white house
Mary was considered to be mentally imbalanced
Mary Todd Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln as President
Political parties:
Established the emancipation proclamation.
Abraham had two vice presidents Hannibal and Andrew Johnson.
Famous quote:
"Don't swap horses when crossing the streams".(Homestead act 1862)
Commander in chief in the civil war.
Amendment 13 was established December 6, 1865.
Gettysberg addess. " Four score and seven years ago..."

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