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A simple guide for annie

No description

Andy Shi

on 23 July 2013

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Transcript of A simple guide for annie

Annie: A simple guide for keng father players like Rashaniqua
Why Choose Annie?
skills contin.
-The proper annie kill combo should be either Q, R, W or R, W,Q. This should be excuted with out hesitation. Which means your finger have to be moving fast! If u fail to use all 3 of your skills, within the 1.75 window stun... Your victim might run away!
- What is E for you ask? It is to charge up your passive so you can have your pyromania stun up as fast as you can!
-at level 6 you will be dealing 165 (lvl3 q)+ 130(lvl2 W)+ 300(lvl1 R)+ 170(ignite summner spell)+40(1 auto attack)= 805 damage! this is enough to kill any champion if they are same lvl as you
Summener spells rune masteries
Always take flash. Always.
-you should be around your team mate later in the game as u become one of most important person on the team
-you target should be squishy targets like ashe ezreal soraka etc etc.
-dont target beefy bulky heros with lots and lots of hp
-if you realize you are dead in a situation for sure, make sure u use all ur skills before dying to do ur job as the damage dealer
Pros: - Huge burst damage once she reaches level 6
- Her Q ability refunds mana back on a kill which can be abused to get easy last hit (this means annie is perfect for beginners who have difficulty last hitting)
- Annie have low cooldowns (which means she can use her skill more often than other heroes)
- Very strong Area of effect spell damage
- Has a passive stun every 5th spell
- Longest ranged auto attack among all champions
- Has a great offensive as well as defensive tool kit
- She is a cute LG....need i say more?
Cons: - she is squishy and have no escape skills(such as ezreal's E ability) ( a weakness
ashe also have)
- It is easy to miss your W and R....( this is not really true but i have witness u miss them several times but we can fix that)
Annie's skill order
Passive: pyromania
Your every 5th spell stuns(renders the enemy motionless for 1.75seconds
notice the white ring/cloud thing around her, this means your pyromania stun is ready. Your next Q W or R ability will stun the enemy! Use this to land your Q first to keep the enemy in place so u can land a for sure R and W. Never miss your ult again YAY
As we showed earlier, ignite does lots damage and you can't afford to miss out!
Items you buy
Use the rune & mastery page labeled ability power champs i made for you
start with good old boots with 4 health pots~ Notices u can buy 4 health pots!
when you make 1200 gold in lane go back to buy this gem thing called catalyst the protector
When you made another 1600 go back to buy Rod of Ages
then upgrade your boots to soccer's shoe
made more gold? try rabadon's deathcap
woah you got this far? Get Void staff!
your item slot should look like this
Annie is a champion with great potential, anyone who underestimates her usually becomes barbeque. Guess where dem niggas got their meat from?
Good Luck on the field of battle!
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