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No description

Rubeen Sanchez

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Morphology

Definition It describes the type of investigation which analyzes all those basic elements which are used in a language. Morphology Multi-Words Units Morphemes Free Morphemes Lexical Morphemes Derivational Morphemes Inflectional Morphemes Bound Morphemes They are morphemes that can stand by themselves as single words. They include nouns, adjectives and verbs. Functional Morphemes They include conjunctions, prepositions, articles and pronouns. It is the minimal unit of meaning or grammatical function. Example: tour-ist-s Minimal unit of meaning Minimal unit of meaning Minimal unit of meaning These are used to make new words in the language and are often used to make words of a different category from the stem. Examples: boy, man, blue, open, break Examples: and, but, because, when, that When they are used with bound morphemes, they are known as STEM. They are morphemes that cannot normally stand alone. Examples: -ness good (adj) goodness (noun) -ment pay (verb) payment (noun) They are used to indicate aspects of the grammatical function of a word. Noun -'s, -s
Verb -s, -ing, -ed, -en
Adj -est, -er jump (present) jumped (past) boy (singular) boys (plural) small (adj.) smallest (superlative) Yule McCarthy Roots Word-Formation Derived
Words Compound
Words It's a chunk of language that should be treated as a single lexical item. Idioms to bite the dust
to kick the bucket
to pass the buck These are pairs of trios of words and which display fixed membership. Binomial &
Trinomials ladies and gentlemen
to and fro
back and forth Morphs & Allomorphs Morphs are the actual words to realized morphemes. Example: Cats consists of 2 morphs
cat-s Lexical
morpheme Inflectional
morpheme Allomorphs are different forms of the same morpheme. These can be different pronunciations or different spellings. References Presentation made by: Fernanda Cueto
Miguelangel Albores
Rubén Sánchez
Alonso Romeo
Yule(1985). The Study of Language. p. 59-65.

McCarthy(1998). Vocabulary. p. 3-11
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