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The Amish

No description

Melissa Kühn

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of The Amish

The Amish
The typical Amish?
Importance of Religion
Religion and Politics
1. Definition
2. Importance of Religion
3. Historical overview
4. Way of life
5. Amish people in the modern world
Historical overview
Founded by Jacob Ammann in Europe in 1693
Jacob Ammann was a swiss preacher of the mennoites in the 17th century
Ammann was responsible for the fission of the mennoites beginning of the amish movement
Beliefs were based on the writings of Menno Simons ( eponym of the mennoites )
Areas: Switzerland and southern Rhine river region
Early 18th century: Emigration to the United States ( e.g. Pennsylvania )
Amish people in the United States today: 180000


different kinds of Amish
share certain practices
meaning: order, rules


mostly on Tuesdays and Thursdays
in November to early December
wedding gifts are mostly useful items



„running around“ in German dialect
period of adolescence


Pennsylvania Dutch
second language is English
they are commonly fluent in both languages


Ordnung (rules)

Way of life

believe that good health is a gift from god
most groups don't oppose modern medicine
Amish life in the modern world
No education past eight grade
Amish people have their own schools
Schools provide education in many crafts - vocational education
Some Amish parents send their children to non-amish public schools conflicts
Amish people speak English and Old German
Use of modern technology
Known for their avoidance of modern technologies
Technologies are a threat  e.g. cars: opportunity to spend a long time away from home
Neglect of their family
Visiting cities
Some Amish people even so hire cars for big shopping trips and visiting friends
Other technologies
Most Amish people accept some certain technologies ( e.g. electric lighting )
Cell phones are a useful tool as well as a threat
Normally they do not have computers and internet
helpful to be religious
Religion and Business
religious merchandise - brought in $4.2 billion
big influence of ''megachurches''
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