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MyPlate Healthy Eating Unit Presentation

Libby Bouma, Melinda Lansing and Jeff Roast

Libby Bouma

on 30 March 2014

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Transcript of MyPlate Healthy Eating Unit Presentation

MyPlate Healthy Eating Unit Plan
Myplate Assessment 3-5
http://freemyplate.com/files/2012/08/MyPlateLessonREVsmall.pdf / Learningzonexpress.com


Formative assessments will be done throughout the week.
Lunch image from http://www.waukee.k12.ia.us/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/lunch-tray2.jpg
Another activity we included had students apply their knowledge of the food groups/Myplate to school lunches.
Day Four- School Lunches
Relay Race on MyPlate
Students will present their Popplets/Powerpoint presentations.
Day Five - Wrap Up
Image from http://emporium.schoolnutrition.org/images/T/MyPlate%201.jpg
One activity we included was Crazy Colors worksheet
Students had to place fruits and veggies into color categories
Day Three- Food Groups Review
We start by introducing students to My Plate
Explain the importance of it, include transition from the Food Pyramid to Plate by Michelle Obama
Jigsaw Activity with “Expert Food” groups
Creation of poster including food types, suggested intake, etc
Jigsaw groups, teaching others about their food group
Day One- The My Plate Adventure
Choose a variety of different protein sources.
In place of some meat and poultry, choose 8 oz. seafood per week.
Try grilling, broiling, poaching or roasting.

Key Consumer Message:
Keep meat and poultry portions small and lean.
Protein Group
Use fruits as snacks, salads or desserts.
Choose whole or cut up fruits more often than fruit juice.

Key Consumer Message:
Make half your plate fruits and vegetables.
Fruits Group
SMART Board food categorization
Color My Plate and label
Categorize different food types into My Plate
Creation of food types for each category
Using Power Point slides following
Day Two- Application
Low-fat or fat-free dairy products have the same amount of calcium and other essential nutrients as whole milk, but less fat and calories.

Key Consumer Message:
Switch to low-fat or fat-free milk. Get your calcium rich foods.
Dairy Group
Choose 100% whole grain cereals, breads, crackers, rice and pasta.
Check the ingredients list on food packages to find whole grain foods.

Key Consumer Message:
Make half your grains whole grains.
Grains Group
Choose fresh, frozen, canned or dried.
Eat red, orange and dark green vegetables.

Key Consumer Message:
Make half your plate fruits and vegetables.
Vegetables Group
MyPlate was released in June 2011.
Recommendations are for 2 years of age and older.
Play game as whole class and have discussions around items chosen.
Dining Decisions Game
Students will have a rubric that they will be assessed on formally at the end of the unit.
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