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Sound Engireeering Technician

No description

Tyler Corey

on 17 March 2017

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Transcript of Sound Engireeering Technician

Company Logo
my future career

Sound Engineering Technician
My name is Tyler Corey, over the last few weeks i have been researching the career of sound engineering technician.
The lower/starting salary average for this job is approx. $30,240 , the middle salary average is approx. $54,860 , and the higher salary is upwards of 111,540.
Will I Pursue It ?
Daily Responsibilities
The daily responsibilities for this job are being able to set up and control electrical equipment for different companies and musicians.
The requirements to become a sound engineering technician are : a high school or vocational diploma , and possibly a college degree.
The outlook for this job is growing at an average rate. You have a decent shot at getting this job but it is in a competitive field.
The conditions for this job are working by yourself with equipment indoors , mixing and creating for somebody's work, or your own.
I choose this job because
I am very good with technology,
and i like being creative , and i can use those skills and traits to my advantage.
I do think i will pursue this job,
I think i will enjoy it and i like to
have as much fun as possible
while doing my work.Although
there are many other jobs that
I am interested in.
I asked students if they'd be willing
to work in a competitive field these
were the results.
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