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Mode B evaluation

This is the portfolio for Scott Dameron Spring 2010

scott dameron

on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of Mode B evaluation

Mode B Evaluation
Scott Dameron
Professional Advancement
mentor to other faculty
in adopting the CPS
clicker system
adapting use of the hi-pod
video system
developed and maintain
an instructor website
other technology
into the classroom
learned to use etudes
and moodle as part of
online course delivery
Presentation Software
Video Integration
Read many books
related to field,
especially in regards
to global warming
nutritional analysis
students are asked
to analyze their own
nutritional habits
students analyze
their own risk for
some of the most
common health
problems in the U.S.
Disease Risk Analysis
I teach coaching education
courses for the local soccer
leagues, which certify them
to coach youth soccer
Organized many
7v7 soccer tournaments, street soccer tournaments, etc.
serve as a potential mentor to several coaches, as well as former players who have become coaches at the high school level
Coached an AYSO
team this year
performed various clinics
for teams in the area
Team qualified for playoffs each of the last 3 years
presented the concept of
classroom clickers at the
Innovation cafe
Tied a record for most
wins in a season twice
Selected Conference Coach
of the year for third and fourth time
Assisted many students in transferring to other colleges to play soccer
Continue to attend at least one coaching clinic each year
Got to represent
Bakersfield College
its soccer program
on a
national TV show
To continue attending annual coaching clinics
To continue to work
to adapt new technology
into the classroom, especially
as more apps become web based
Increase soccer program
exposure through clinics, etc.
Thank you
Teaching Philosophy
My philosophy of teaching is to create a learning environment that encourages open communication.
The use of technology is important in order to deliver content in a relevant way, in order to stimulate students to engage, to think for themselves, and apply class lessons to their everyday lives. Students shoud learn skills that not only help them understand the subject, but also skills that will help them as a student and a person.
Served as Women's Regional Chairman for the California Community College Soccer Coaches' association
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