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The Effectiveness of Banana Peels & Biosand In Filtering Tap Water

2012 Fall STEM Collaborative Research Project, Zane, Apoorva, Shantel

Shantel Wyke

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of The Effectiveness of Banana Peels & Biosand In Filtering Tap Water

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli By Apoorva Bhaskara, Zane Manning, and Shantel Wyke The Effectiveness of Banana Peels & Biosand In Filtering Tap Water Introduction According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 1.2 billion people lack access to clean water (The Global Water Crisis). Hypothesis The combination of banana peels and biosand will filter the tap water the best because the peels have chemical properties which catch toxic metal ions from the contaminated water and the biosand will filter out all the macroscopic particles using its tough texture. Research Question What is the effectiveness of banana peels and biosand in filtering metal ions out of Arizona hard tap water? Procedures Data Collection & Analysis Conclusion Hypothesis partially supported
Combination of biosand and banana peel powder filtered out the metal ions
Biosand itself removed a very small amount of metal
Both the biosand and banana peel tests were the closest to the controlled variable, RO water, in most of tests Error Analysis Human errors
observing the color code for test strips
Biggest error was the accuracy of the conductivity meter
may not have been calibrated right
this may have impacted data because measurements were taken when numbers seemed consistent
Method of testing could be improved by properly calibrate the solution with different buffers until the numbers are precise Learned to NARROW topic from beginning
concentrated on purifying one material (metal ions) from water
while other countries have problems finding clean water, we had trouble finding contaminated water Summary LACK OF CLEAN WATER More than 5 million die from water-related diseases each year. Research revealed that banana peels had the properties to remove metal ions from water NARROWING DOWN TOPIC 1. Run tap water continuously through filter for ten minutes
2. After ten minutes, collect 450 milliliters (mL) for biosand testing, and 1500 mL for banana peel filtering Thank You for
Your Attention Acknowledgments:
A special thanks to
Sustainability teacher Andrew Bernier, Biotechnology teacher Marni Landry, CREST coordinator Jack Clark, and CREST Curriculum Director Linda Coyle for helping to make our experiment a success. Future Directions: Evaluating effects of other alternatives
Citrus or plantains and apple and sugar cane wastes, coconut fibers, and peanut shells
Experimenting more efficient banana peel powder concentrations Banana Peel Filtering 3. Wrap banana peels in paper towels and leave them in the sun for two weeks 4. Once they are brittle, grind using a mortar and pestle and store powder Building the Biosand Filter 5. To filter water, measure 3 grams of banana peel powder for every 500 mL of
water and leave covered with paper towels overnight
6. Use a coffee filter to filter 150 mL of the solution to test Testing
8. Test controls and filtered water with three trials each of 150 mL
9. pH meter tests pH and conductivity of water
10. Metal test strips test hardness and alkalinity of water
Banana peels contain:
compounds of nitrogen and sulfur atoms
organic compounds such as carboxylic acids
Compounds are negatively charged
Bind to metals in water which usually have positive charge Explanation
Future Directions Picture. Retrieved from: http://www.personalbrandingblog.com/

Anwar, J., Shafique, U., Zaman, W., Salman, M., Dar, A., & Anwar, S. (2010). Removal of Pb(II) and Cd(II) from water by adsorption on peels of banana. Bioresource
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