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Transcript of BOUND TO DAPITAN


designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
-Governor Ramon Despujol personally visited Rizal in Fort Santiago informing him that he would

be taken to Dapitan.
July 14, 1892, 10:00pm
- scheduled to leave Fort Santiago.
-His escorts, however, did not arrive at the appointed time.

-Rizal was given a special treatment as if he was a high ranking official.
-The captain gave Rizal a prime cabin marked as
which means commanding officers.
-"Cebu " arrived in Dapitan in the evening of
July 17, 1892
-Upon arriving at the town, Rizal was met by
Ricardo Carnicero
, the politico-military commander of the district.
-He was given two objects where to settle, either to stay at Carnicero's house or at the Jesuit Mission house.
Father Pastells informed the missionary that Rizal could live in the Jesuit mission house on the following conditions:

-That Rizal publicly retract his errors concerning religion, and make statements that were clearly pro-Spanish and against revolution.

1:00 in the morning

the ferryboat left the port bound for Dapitan

-The ship which brought Rizal to Dapitan also carried a letter by Fr. Pablo Pastells, Superior of the Jesuit Society in the Philippines to Fr. Antonio Obach, Jesuit missionary of Dapitan.
-Rizal was taken to Port using the same Palace coach that brought him to Fort.
-It was the
ferryboat "Cebu"
that would take him to Dapitan.
Rizal's sculpture of Gov. Ricardo Carnicero
-That he perform the church rites and make general confession of his past life.

-That henceforth he conduct himself in an exemplary manner as a Spanish subject and a man of religion.
Ricardo Carnicero's House
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