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Trever Project

No description

Victor Cruz

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Trever Project

The Trevor Project is the leading national organization focused on crisis and suicide prevention efforts among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth. Baioa, Candice
Melendrez, Julio
Penn, Sharean
Lara, Lourdes
Oviedo, Marlene
Flores, Araceli
Chuela, Nancy Have you ever been bullied or made fun of because of personal decisions you made or certain acts you took? Being bullied doesn't feel good to anyone nor is it tolerated. Has it ever gone as far as being so depressed where you wanted to commit suicide? Well, we know an organization that deals with these issues daily. As an audience you guys will learn how to deal with certain situations where a particular group is being bullied. In this presentation our group members will discuss our significant problem that we will address, group participation, our goals, rules, problems and challenges, and how we came together. II. Socially Significant Problem Definition:
The problem that society is facing and whose rate is through time sadly increasing is that many young LGBTQ are attempting to commit suicide and most of them unfortunately due get what they are attempting for.

This is being seen more and more because society has many people who don’t agree that LGBTQ’s should be accepted. This non-acceptance in society leads them to attempt suicide. Extent of the Problem:
Suicide is the third leading cause of death among 15-24 year olds.

Young teens and young adults that are part of the LGBTQ community are most likely to attempt suicide than their straight peers.
-This problem does not only occur in one place of the world, but it occurs in many homes, neighborhoods, and even schools.
-The problem has become so wide that many schools now offer counseling for those who need the help.
-The pressure put on LGBTQ is huge! They are made fun of in places where they should feel safe like at school or sometimes even at home. Impact of problem on society:
This problem has impacted society in such ways that it has led people to take a stand to try and prevent this from happening by creating organizations such as The Trevor Project. Many people in society have realized that discriminating against the LGBTQ community is no good and many have even began to protest in order for laws to pass that are on the side of these individuals.

Those immediately impacted
-The young people who are impacted by this problem the most are those who do not find the support or courage to “come out” to anyone.
-Mostly the ones impacted though are those close friends and families of the young LGBTQ who attempt suicide.
i. They are affected the most because they have to see what their close relative/friend is going through and in most cases they can really do nothing to help. The “Big Picture”:
This problem is not something that will just go away from one day to another. This problem that our society now faces will affect our society in the future as well. It will do so because the even younger LGBTQ who now see this discrimination against them will as they grow up see this as maybe a solution to get out of their problems

-With time our society may also view some changes in with the law sue to this problem. It will also most likely have more organizations like this helping to support this cause.
III. Organization addressing the Problem Definition:
The Trevor Project is a non-profit American organization that operates nationwide to help the young LGBTQ community when they are in a time of crisis. They offer a 24/7 crisis helpline to help anyone at anytime. They have trained counselors. History:
The Trevor Live Project was founded by James Lecense, Peggy Rajski, and Randy Stone, the creators of the 1994 Academy Award-winning short film, Trevor. Trevor is a comedy/drama (dramedy_ about a gay 13-year old boy who made an attempt to take his life when he was rejected by his friends because of his sexuality.

Before the movie aired on HBO, the filmmakers realized that there are young viewers that might be facing the same kind of problem as Trevor.

They searched for an appropriate support line to broadcast during the time that the show aired and found nothing. They decided to form a group to help the LGBTQ community because they considered it was very much needed Funding:
The Organization is a non profit organization that relies mostly on the goodwill of the public, foundations, and cooperations to to provide with a funding that will keep them operating.
-They take in one time gifts which are $500 or less.
-Monthly gifts which range from $15-$40
-Circle of hope which is for those who are willing to donate more than $500
-And also Text to give option which allows you to donate $5 Mission or cause:
The Trevor Project's mission is to help stop the teen suicides cause by bullied LGBTQ youth. They do so by providing a life-saving and life-affirming resources like:
-24/7 Crisis intervention lifeline
-A digital community
-Advocacy/educational programs which create la safe, supportive, and positive environment for everyone. IV. Group's Participation/observations Interactions/observations or organization:
-Interactions and observations that were visible in the organization was the fact that everyone participating was helping in trying to achieve the primary goal. Interactions with other members from the program came about since every one was participating in accomplishing a goal. We observed people with different sexuality identities helping each other in accomplishing a specific goal. Service task completed/experienced:
-The service task that was completed was helping the program make gifts that would make people belonging to a different sexual identity. Our group experienced interactions with people with different sexuality types, helping them accomplish their primary goals. What was learned
-What was learned about how the organization helps the community comes about in a couple of ways. First, the people that will be immediately helped would be the individuals that attended the Trevor project. This is because those people will feel respected by many others, causing a sense of something positive to rise within themselves. Additionally, this project will eventually help society as a whole since society will see the positive aspects of what can happen once people with different sexuality are accepted by society itself. V. Class Participation Section For our class activity you guys will be packaging a gift bag filled with different items similar to the ones packaged for the Trevor Project. When our group volunteered we had 800 bags to fill within a few hours. You will get into your own groups and whichever group can package the gift bag the fastest wins. VI. Conclusion Review Main Points:
-As a group, we wanted to volunteer in a project that would support and help the community trying to establish a goal. Throughout the project though, there were problems that were faced and addressed, but later solved. There were also interactions that we, as a group, encountered while being involved in doing the project. -No one in this would likes to feel discriminated in any way. Discrimination comes about in many unimaginable ways, especially towards the gay community. Now, for just a moment, imagine yourselves being discriminated with so much bullying due to your sexuality identity. You are being bullied by the majority of society, and would do anything for this to stop. Next thing you know, you are falling of a 25-story building, how would you feel if that was you? **Part Two: Group Dynamics** VII. Criteria/Goals At first our group wanted to help out the environment. But we soon learned that that project was taken. So we had to think of something else to do. We knew we wanted to help the community, so our teacher helped us pick a different organization and now our organization is The Trevor Project.
-The Trevor Project is a festival that brings the gay community together. The Trevor Project:
-It focuses on anti bullying against gay people and we wanted to devote some of our time in helping achieve the projects goal. The goal that was set for our project is to bring awareness to the gay community and also bring happiness through the gift bags because it’s one of the most memorable and cherished parts of the event. First we discussed things thoroughly as a group and decided all together that we wanted to help out the organization. VII. Roles Roles were assigned by anonymous vote. We all voted for the person that we felt would correctly fit the task.
-Marlene was chosen as the Chairperson.
-Araceli was chosen as our minute taker.
-Lourdes was chosen for taking notes. Different people in our group appeared to have different task roles.
-Our initiator for most meetings was Sharean.
-Marlene was our chairperson and helped type out the outline.
-During our meetings, Julio was the opinion giver. He provided his thoughts and points of views.
-Araceli was minute taker and secretary for this project. She kept and provided written records of our meetings, along with Lourdes.
-Our information seeker was Candice. She was always willing to look up information for the projects.
-Nancy was more of a implementer-completer. She followed deadlines and schedules to point. She also provided our power points and typed the outline. Something that was unproductive for our group would have to be our phones. Our phones created a great distraction for all group members. IX. Problems/Challenges The main challenge we faced as a group was finding an organization that was available and close to the area and that didn’t require a volunteer application and medical records. We proceeded as a group by researching other organizations and with the help form our communications teacher, we were able to volunteer for The Trevor Project. X. Coming Together Our whole presentation was planned as a group.
-Ideas were shared in meetings
-Agreements were made as to what should go on the presentation slides Our portfolio was also planned as a group.
-Everyone had there own part of the outline for the portfolio The Trevor Project
Administration Offices
9056 Santa Monica Blvd., Ste. 208
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Tax ID: 95-4681287

Main Office Phone: 310.271.8845
Main Office Fax: 310.271.8846 XI. Final Conclusion In the Trevor Project, our goal was to bring awareness to the gay community (GBTQ) and to make them feel special by providing them with gift bags in which they will cherish and are a big part of the event. We interacted with others with different sexual identities to accomplish our goals. We as a group worked together to complete our task. Our group appreciates your time and would like to thank you for listening. The Trevor Project: Live The Girls
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