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Genius hour- art gallery

No description

Grace Wang

on 26 May 2014

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Transcript of Genius hour- art gallery

Genius hour
The art gallery/club
Art informs, entertains, enlightens and educates people in all possible ways. If we had an art club, students in the club would get to participate in activities, learning sessions and also various competitions where the winner's artwork is displayed in the art gallery.
Some of the activities we do are:
digital art
mini sculpture making
Cost and when it takes place
How it would help the school
art gallery/club
The club will take place once a week, on Thursday at lunch times. Although we will have to get supplies, there will not be a cost.You will need to sign up for the club but turning up every week isn't necessary. You may come when you feel like it.
Art and craft c
An art gallery would really benefit the school. A gallery would brighten up the area and ours would allow kids to have their own artwork hung up in a colourful environment. A gallery would also inspire people to create their own pieces of art.
A club would also help the school as some weeks will be lesson weeks where we will have 'art teachers' teach students about art and the students will gain knowledge. Art also exercises the brain and will help people's creativeness.
The 'art teachers' will be buying art supplies. So paint, paper, cardboard etc. Although the 'art teachers' are also buying craft items, it would be helpful if you could bring in your recyclable junk. Some weeks we will ask if anyone can bring in say, milk/juice cartons to use for the next week.
Genius hour-Art gallery and club
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