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Where In The World?

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Mahek Marker

on 8 February 2018

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Transcript of Where In The World?

The Three Tallest Buildings
In The World Are:
First Tallest Building: Burj Khalifa
This tower is 826 meters and 163 floors tall. Located in Dubai, United Arab Empire.
The Second tallest building is: The Shanghai Tower
The Shanghai Tower is 632 meters and 128 floors tall. It is 200 meters shorter that the Burj Khalifa. Located in Chinese city, China. It might not be the tallest tower but it does hold the record for fastest elevator, which is 18m/second.
The Third Tallest Building is: The Makkah Clock Royal Tower
The Makkah Clock Royal Tower is 601 meters and 123 floors high. This tower is located in Saudi Arabia. It also might not be the largest tower but has a clock so big, that you can see it 25km away.
The Three Largest Mountains In The World Are:
The Largest Mountain Is: Mount Everest
Mount Everest is located in the the border between Tibet and Nepal. It is 29,035 feet or 8,848 meters tall.
The Second Largest is: K2/ Godwin Austen
The Godwin Austen is located between the border of Pakistan and China. It is 28,250 feet or 8,611 meters tall.
The Third Largest Mountain is: Kanchenjunga
The Kanchenjunga is located in between the border of India and Nepal. It is 28,169 feet or 8,586 meters tall.
The Three Longest Rivers In The World Are:
1. The Nile River
It is 6,650km long. It runs through countries like: Ethopia, Entrea, Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya,. Rwanda, Burundi, Egypt, Democratic Republic Of The Congo, and finally South Sudan.
2. The Amazon River
It is 6,400km long. Runs through countries like: Brazil, Peru, Bolvia, Colombia, Ecudar, Venezuela and finally Guyana.
3. The Yangtze river
It is 6,300km long and is located in China.
First Largest Building: First Canadian Place
This building is 72 floors and 288 meters tall. It is located in Toronto, Ontario. They first started building this structure in 1976.
Second Largest Building: Trump International Hotel
This building 57 floors and 277 meters tall. Located in Toronto, Ontario. They started building this structure in 2012.
The Third Largest Building Is: Scotia Plaza
This building is 68 floors and 275 meters tall. Located in Toronto, Ontario. They started building this structure in 1988.
Where In The World?
The Three Largest Planets In Our Solar System Are:
The First Largest Planet Is: Jupiter
It's the fifth farthest planet from the Sun. It's radius is 43,441 miles and has the surface area of 23.71 billion sq meters.
The Second Largest Planet Is: Saturn
Saturn is the sixth planet away from the Sun. It has a radius of 36, 184 miles and has a surface area of 16.49 billion sq miles.
The Third Largest Planet Is: Uranus
Uranus is the seventh planet away from the Sun. It has a radius of 15, 759 miles and has a surface area of 3.121 billion sq meters.
The Three Tallest
Mountains In The World Are:
1. Canadian Rockies
It's elevation is 3,954 meters. It's located in provinces: Alberta and British Colombia.
2. Saint Elias Mountains
It's area is 43, 440 sq miles
3. Mount Logan
It's elevation is 5, 959 meters high.
The Three Longest Rivers In the World Are:
1. Yukon River
Length: 1, 980 miles
Cities Located:
Whitehorse, Tanana, Galena, Emmonak and more
2. Nelson River
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