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Modern Japanese Apartments


Hayley Dyer

on 27 May 2010

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Transcript of Modern Japanese Apartments

Japanese Apartments
Genkan ~ Traditional Japanese entryway
~ Take off your shoes
~ Apartment genkan is alot smaller
compared to a tradtitonal house. Apartments
An apartment (apaato) are usually
the older kind of city living you would
find in Japan, they usually consist of about
two to three floors. Mansions
A mansion (manshon) are the hi-rise, hi-tech structures that are most commonly found in the highly populated cities of Japan. they consist of multiple floors, security gates, elevators and personalised mailboxes. Modern Apartments
Modern living would be the most
common type of living in Japan
nowdays. they consist of two units
Apartments and Mansions ~ Clense and relax your body
~ Bathroom split into two sections; undressing room and clensing room
~ The appliances include;
- a sink
- a shower
- a deep bath Bathroom Modern Japanese toilets
Kitchen ~ Kichens in Japan are a lot smaller than compared to Australia
~ Appliances include;
- Stove
- Broiler
- Small Fridge
- A multifunctional microwave oven
~ More advanced than a western toilet
~ Panel of different buttons which include;
- Standby button
- Spray button
- Bidet Button
- Water Pressure Button
- Deodoriser
- Warm Seat Button Bedroom / Guestroom ~ Bedrooms are not much different in Japan compared to what we have here in Australia.
Most guestrooms include;
- Zataku (low table)
- Zabuton (floor cushions)
- Futon (roll up mattress) or modern bed
- Kakejiku ( hanging picture scroll and flowers) By Hayley Dyer and Katherine Zhang Living Room ~ A modern living room in Japan is very similar to a living room in Australia
The living room includes;
- Couches
- Zataku (low table)
- Zabuton (floor cushions)
- Ikebana (flower arrangement)
- Pictures
- Chadansu (tea chest)
- Shinto Praying Altar Bibliography
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