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Cell-Mart Organelles Catalog

Biology Project

Sammi Garcia

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Cell-Mart Organelles Catalog

Nucleolus Contains RNA that is PERFECT for making ribosomes! "I bought the nucleolus and I've found it really helpful! It's like the ribosomes that it makes are attached to me and there for me when things get rough. It's great!" -E.R. $19.99 Nucleus Lysosome A GREAT place to store DNA! "I used to just have my DNA sprawled all over the place. With the Nucleus, it's all in one place!" -Baxter I.A. $24.99 Tired of unwanted food and cell parts getting in your way? Well worry no more because the Lysosome can get rid of them all in the blink of an eye! $7.99 Act now and get a second one 50% off! Mitochondrion Need more energy? The Mitochondrion can burn your glucose and store your ATP for an extra burst of energy to get you through the day! Endoplasmic Reticulum The ERs are a special package that contain both Smooth and Rough! The Rough ER is great for making proteins! The Smooth ER can make lipids, regulate your calcium, and break down toxins! It can do it all! Get both the Smooth and Rough ER for only $29.99! Golgi Apparatus With the Golgi Apparatus, your days of sorting and storing things yourself are gone! This product can modify, sort, and package things for you! *Works best with ER* $44.99 Vacuole Running out of room for all of your proteins, carbohydrates, water, and waste? Just buy a Vacuole! It's perfect for all of your storage needs! * Comes in multiple small sizes for animals or one big one for plants* Animal Value Pack: 5 for $20
Plant Value Pack: 1 for $20 Chloroplast Uses the beautiful light of the sun to create energy that you can use every day! *Sold exclusively for plant cells* On sale for only $14.99! Cell Membrane The Cell Wall is the perfect security system! It'll only allow the molecules you want to come in, and will keep other out! $49.99 Centrioles Do your chromosomes ever get lost during cell division? Well if you purchase the Centrioles, that will never happen again! They will guide your chromosomes so that they can't get lost! $14.99 Cilia Whenever you're stuck Cilia can help! Cilia makes it easy to move your cells from place to place! Pack of 100: $9.99
Pack of 500: $29.99 Flagella The Flagella works well to move cells! It's like Cilia, but the difference is the size and number! So if you don't feel like buying a lot of Cilia, buy Flagella instead! 1 for $7.99
3 for $13.99 "I don't have to worry about all those food molecules getting in my way. I just leave the cleaning up to the Lysosome!" "I used to feel so tired before I got the Mitochondrion, but now I feel energized and ready for anything!" "Purchasing the ERs was the smartest thing I've ever done! I use its lipids all the time!" -Shelly M. Brayne "The Golgi works wonders! It takes what I give it and sorts it to go to the right places! I use it every day and it is very helpful." -E.R. " I finally don't have to worry about my chromosomes when the cell is dividing. I'm already in charge of so much, that I'm glad the Centrioles take care of this!" -N. Cleos "This product makes me feel safe and really helps me maintain myself. I'd recommend it to anyone!" -Homer O. Stacis "The Cilia makes it so much easier to move. I don't know how I'd get anywhere without it!" -C. Ella "I found that buying the flagella gave that extra push I needed to be able to move even better than I was already. I love it!" - Cecilia "Finally! A place to put my carbohydrates! Thanks Cell-Mart!" "I was so glad to find out that Cell-Mart sells Chloroplasts, since I can't use the Mitochondrion to get my energy!" -Rose Sammi Garcia
Cell-Mart Organelle Catalog
2A Reflection 1. I learned that cilia covers the outside of cells, the cell membrane helps to maintain homeostasis, what a centriole is and what its function is, what lysosomes do, and that flagella can be on animal cells. 2. I think I did very well because I took the time to create the presentation in the shapes of organelles and I was very creative in my descriptions and testimonials. 3. I would like to have this kind of job in real life because it requires me to get creative and I find it fun to do these kinds of things. 4. I think that it was an effective way to learn about cells because I am a visual learner, so being able to look at everything this way will help me when it comes time for the test. 5. I do not have any suggestions for this project because I think it works effectively. I also do not think any hints are necessary because it is a very straight forward project. $24.99
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