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Gender and Sexual Orientation

No description

Lia Silberberg

on 19 October 2017

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Transcript of Gender and Sexual Orientation

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Berkshire's Spectrum
Personal pronouns: They/ them
Sexuality: Bi
Identity: Gender-non binary
The identities that are in power are bio conforming men and bio conforming females. The orientations that are in power are people who identify as heterosexual.
What can we Do?
The spectrum of gender and sexual orientation
Gender and Sexual Orientation
By Lia Silberberg
At Berkshire we strive to be all
inclusive, we are evolving towards this with things such as WeWeek and LGBTQ+ club. Though many feel they aren't safe enough to come out to the school. As a school and a society we don't understand the identities and how to accommodate for them.
"Have gender fluid bathrooms."- Bianca
"Mixed dorms" -Ellie
"Changing rooms"-Avalon
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