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How to write your ToK Essay

No description

Daniel Trump

on 18 October 2016

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Transcript of How to write your ToK Essay

Counterclaim 1
Understand the Question
Linking KQ to ToK
Decide which WoKs / AoKs you are going to use. Use AoKs that you know about.

sum up the findings of your argument.
Explain what you have found, and the links to your KQ
For more help:
ask your ToK Teacher


check out Mr Tim Wood's ToK Site.


dig deeper at ToK Trump - see the page titled 'Essays'
Explain the significance of your findings on both your KQ's and wider issues.

Acknowledge & explore the perspectives which your findings have illustrated.
How to write your ToK Essay
Write the question in your own words

Spend time ensuring that you have a good understanding of the KQ.
to find RLS from your WoKs / Aoks.
Explain Knowledge Claim 1

Give an example to support KC1 linked to your chosen WoK / AoK.
Claim 1
Write a counterlaim to claim 1.
Use RL Evidence to support your counterclaim.
Link back to your KQ analysing the relative strengths of the claim & counterclaim.
Repeat the claim - counterclaim process again, using new evidence
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