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Pinterest for Libraries

No description

Otis Library

on 25 May 2013

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Transcript of Pinterest for Libraries

Amanda Brouwer and Jennifer Rummel Marketing
Your Library
with Pinterest Displays from your library
Display ideas
New books (can separate by collection)
Upcoming books
Highlight a collection
Photos/videos from your library/programs
Program ideas
Community connections
Your staff
Library Projects (READ posters) Connect your books to your catalog
Highlight all the things you do well and differently
Show off your boards periodically on your other social networking sites
Hold classes on Pinterest for the public (showing off your boards)
Hold contests on Community Boards Marketing Your Library Take a look at your followers
Follow other libraries and make connections
Create more boards similar to your popular boards
Create pins, not just re-pins
Don't flood pins - try to spread them out over time
* Secret Boards: Are they a good idea? Keep in Mind: * New York Public: http://pinterest.com/nypl/
* Kansas City, MI: GOT Similar Reads http://pinterest.com/kclibrary/
* Fullerton, CA - pictorial If You Like... http://pinterest.com/whpl
*Oakland Teen:
*Harris County PL, Houston, TX-Best Adult Fiction 2012 http://pinterest.com/hcpl/best-adult-fiction-2012/
*Birmingham Public Library, Birmingham , AL
Civil Rights Resources http://pinterest.com/bplonline/civil-rights-resources/
*Newton Plublic Library, Newton KS- Christian Fiction Authors http://pinterest.com/nplibrary/christian-fiction-authors/ Libraries in other States 1. Sign up
Connect with your Twitter, Facebook
or e-mail accounts
2. Set up your profile
3. Find pinners to follow
(Hint: Otis Library, Janet Evanovich, Workman Publishing, Random House Books, USA Today Books, Sourcebooks, Meg Cabot, Penguin Teen, BEA, or Bookpage) example: http://pinterest.com/otislibraryct/choose-your-character-s-outfit/ 1. Keep your pins fresh (delete the old ones)
2. Make sure your links work
3. Create pins to keep your boards unique and useful
4. Comment on other's pins or tag people.
5. Advertise your boards!!! Why Use Pinterest? 1. It's addicting and fun
2. Get great ideas.
3. Don't have to re-invent the wheel
4. A new way to connect with the community.
5. Have a visual place for all your ideas.
6. Share your ideas with other librarians

You are actually grabbing an image off a web page to give yourself a visual reminder of what brought you to that page.

This is similar to making bookmarks on websites...but instead of seeing a long, confusing URL, you now have them in one organized 'Board' on Pinterest. What is a 'Pin'? "Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organizing things you love"

It's a social media site made of pictures (pins) placed onto boards. All your information is in one easy to find visual place. What is Pinterest? Highlight Your Library:
Board Ideas http://pinterest.com/otislibraryct How we use Pinterest at the Otis Library: connecting with readers, authors, publishers, and the book community. Getting Started Administration of your boards Before you start, things to consider
1. Make a mission statement
2. Create a staff policy
3.Talk about streamlining the look and the language
4. Are multiple people pinning? Have one or two individuals be the point person
5. Create new boards each month
6. Don't forget about your old boards though Find your Community* *Publishers
*Book Lovers
*City/State Publishers Patrons Authors READERS City/State * Book Humor
* Upcoming Titles
* Pictures of Libraries
* Craft projects from recycled books Librarians * Displays in your library
* Displays from other Libraries
* Past programs
* Bookmarks created
* Book Humor
* Library Love
* Book Quotes
* Quotes about the Library
* Things to do for your personal library * Boards of Highlighting Authors
* Adding their upcoming book to your boards
* Tagging the author in a display photo
* Adding their booktrailers to a board
* Following them, liking their pins, commenting on their pins * Follow them back
* Have a few community boards and invite them to post to those boards
* Take photos of them in the library and tag them
* Follow them, liking their pins, commenting on their pins * Add their titles to your board
* Follow them
* Tag them in a display photo (esp if using their swag)
* Comment on their pins * Follow your schools
* Create a local authors board
* Create a local business board (great advertising for summer reading donations)
* Create a State info board
* Create a board for summer tourists
* Historical pictures/documents http://pinterest.com/search/people/?q=library http://pinterest.com/juliemarg/sacramento-around/ Libraries in CT * West Hartford: Literary Weddings (http://pinterest.com/whpl/)
* Darien Library: 7th Grade Holocaust Project: http://pinterest.com/darienlibrary/7th-grade-holocaust-project/
*Ellington Middle School: http://pinterest.com/emslibrary1/
*Thompson Library: (Kids books about books) http://pinterest.com/thompsonlibct/
*Saxton B Little: Storytime Crafts http://pinterest.com/mquigley12/story-time/
*James Blackstone: Community Events:
*Cheshire http://pinterest.com/cheshirelib/cheshire-cats-dogs-too/
* Stratford: Couponing/saving money
* New London: Dog Days of Summer
http://pinterest.com/plnewlondon/dog-days-of-summer/ Places in CT Mystic Seaport
CT Women's Hall of Fame
Pequot Museum
CT Kids and Family
CT Food and Wine
R.J. Julia's
Visit CT Librarians in CT Lots of CT librarians have personal accounts - keep them in mind too. Libraries in CT * CT Capital Region: http://pinterest.com/ctcapregya/
* Essex Library: http://pinterest.com/essexlibrary/
* Canterbury: Teen Prizes
* Fairfield Library: Sites for Reference Qs
* Hartford: http://pinterest.com/hplct/
* Calvert: Get Caught Reading
* Westport: http://pinterest.com/westportlibrary/ Tips and Tricks School Projects Do you have students every year who cover the same topic? Titanic, Saints, the 50 States, or Science Fair Projects?

Create a board for each of these topics for easy access to information from home! Staff Highlight your staff members and their unique set of skill - employee of the month! Have them create their own 'staff picks' board (link back to your website, databases and iConn.org) Option: Have them link their personal account to the pin praising their work Time: Sure all this sounds nice, BUT time consuming.

Truth: repinning takes 10 seconds
Truth: creating a book pin with link to your catalog takes 45 seconds. Repins 80% of pins are repins

popular pins draw attention to your boards. Creating Content If you don't have a lot of time, create something fresh to draw attention to your boards You can have three secret boards Once you make them public, you can't go back The pins NEVER appear in your feed, unless you
re-pin them to another board, even when you make the board public. The Nitty Gritty and the How-To Pinning:
1. GET THE PIN IT BUTTON FOR YOUR TOOLBAR!!! (this is a re-pin)
2. Take your own pic and upload
link to URL
3. Editing a pin
grab a picture/then add your own URL *Another way to show the world that libraries & library staff are current and valuable
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