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4 Systems of Higher Education

No description

cristina flores

on 2 February 2018

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Transcript of 4 Systems of Higher Education

Four Options
California Community Colleges (CCC)
California State University (CSU)
University of California (UC)
Private and Independent Colleges

Pathways of Higher Education
4 Systems of Higher Education

California State Universities
23 four-year institutions
Offers liberal arts and science education preparation for a variety of professional careers
Upper one-third of California high school graduates
Many CCC students transfer to CSU
Students live at home, in dormitories, or apartments
Private Colleges & Universities
More than 70 colleges & universities
Vary in size, location, and programs
Offers opportunities for study in nearly every academic area
Boast smaller class sizes and great faculty/student interaction

University of California
10 campuses that offer a broad range of four-year programs
New campus, UC Merced, opened in Fall 2005-2006
Top 12.5% of California high school students
Guaranteed on-campus housing in residence halls for freshmen
Possible to transfer as a junior after completing transferable CCC work

Community Colleges
112 two-year institutions
Prepares for
technical occupations
transfer to a 4-year college or university
Students usually work part-time
Mostly commuters

A-G Subject Requirements
Any high school student who plans on applying to the University of California or to a California State University and MOST Private Colleges must complete the A-G course requirements.

Completing the A-G requirements will only make you a minimally eligible applicant.

History and
Social Science
One year of U.S. History or 1/2 year of U.S. History and 1/2 year American Government
One year of World History, Cultures, or Geography

Must be College Preparatory English
Honors and Advanced Placement are recommended
Only one year of ESL/ELD allowed
3 years = Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II
4th year = Advanced courses (i.e. Trigonometry, Math Analysis, Calculus, and Statistics)

Laboratory Science
Need to have one year of life science, such as Biology
And one year of physical science, such as chemistry or physics

Language Other
Than English
Needs to be 2 years of the SAME language
Examples: Spanish, French, Japanese, American Sign Language, etc
Visual and
Performing Arts
One year long course
two one-semester courses from the same discipline are acceptable
Disciplines: Dance, Music, Theater and Visual Arts

A-G Subject Requirements
College Preparatory Elective
An extra year of one of the A-F requirements
If you take the “recommended” number of courses from one or more of the A-F subjects, you will satisfy this category and help make yourself more competitive!
Or you may take a course that is specifically listed in the G category
Examples: Economics, Earth Science, Psychology

Career Jobs
Entry Majors
Transfer Classes

Associate of Arts/Science
Vocational Certificates
Santa Ana College
Long Beach City College

Costs / Fees
$46 / unit
$1,200 - $1,600 / year
No Subject Requirements
18 years of age, or
High school diploma, or
High school equivalency (GED)

4 Year Programs
Various Majors
Pre-Professional Training
Bachelors of Arts / Science
Teaching & other credentials
Academic Calendar
17 on semester system
6 on quarter system
San Bernardino
San Luis Obispo
Costs / Fees
~ $25,000 / year (includes room & board)
Tuition ~ 6,626/ yr
UC’s A-G requirements
2.0 Minimum GPA
SAT Reasoning Test or ACT

4 Year Programs
Various majors
Pre-Professional training
Bachelors of Arts / Science
Masters, Doctorates
Academic Calendar
8 on quarter system
2 on semester system (Berkeley and Merced)
Costs / Fees
~ $ 33,600/ year (includes room and board)
Tuition ~ $13,400/yr
A-G Subject Requirements
3.0 GPA Minimum
SAT Reasoning Test or ACT Plus Writing
2 SAT Subject Tests recommended: Language,
Math Level 2, History, Literature, or Science
Berkeley, Irvine, Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Cruz…

2 Year and 4 Year Programs
Various majors
Various academic programs
Bachelors of Arts / Science
USC, Pepperdine, Otis, Everest,
University of Phoenix, FIDM, DeVry
Costs / Fees
~ $5,000 - $60,000 / year
(includes room and board)
USC-$44,000 / yr
Chapman-$42,000 / yr
A-G requirements
(check the individual school requirements)
SAT Reasoning Test or ACT
(some schools may require SAT Subject Tests)
May require letters of recommendation
Cristina Flores
EAOP Assistant Director

College Searches

Two Years Required
Four Years Required
Three Years Required
Four Years Recommended
Two Years Required
Three Years Recommended
Two Years Required
Three or Four Recommended
One year Required
One year Required
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