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Common Mistakes in Ballet Technique

No description

Erin Miller

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Common Mistakes in Ballet Technique

Common Mistakes
in Ballet Technique
and Simply Technique. Even the BEST and most
advanced dancers
need to go back to the
basics to become the best
dancer they can be. Body Posture Head Positions Different Types of Arabesques. Cambrés Facial Expressions. Turning Out Correct Body Posture - Straight Front en face
- Turned in full profile
- On 45 degree diagonal
- Inclined (turned at 45 degrees
and tilted)
- Inclined (tilted) with eyes down
- Turned in profile, looking up
- Turned in profile, looking down
- Looking up 45 degrees
- Looking down 45 degrees A well-placed gaze gives the dancer a look of self-confidence and authority. and can lend important emotion into a movement. A dancer should have alive and focused eyes to show confidence and to demonstrate a more enjoyable performance. First Arabesque Incorrect Cambrés If the desired turn out is not achieved some tend to turn out from the feet instead of from the hips. This could cause knee problems in the long run. Also, some people, without noticing, have an unequal rotation which can be when the standing leg is not turned out as much as the working leg. Incorrect Body Posture Incorrect head positions:
- Chin lowered too far
- Chin lifted too far Facial expressions to avoid:
- The "glued-on" smile
- "Suffering"
- Eyebrows lifted
- Intense concentration
Third Arabesque Second Arabesque Fourth Arabesque THE END ANY QUESTIONS?
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