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Welcome Back 2012-2013

No description

Kennelyn Celeste

on 15 August 2016

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Transcript of Welcome Back 2012-2013

School Year 2012-2013
Welcome Back!
How do you like your salsa and why?
Line up from mild to spicy...
Name, grade level, reverie of summer...
Behind a great school is a great staff!
Upgrading our

Los Cerritos's Adventure Book
of the
Instructional Program
of Data through
to Create a Culture of Success
are driven by and align with the
LEA Plan
Board’s Goals
Superintendent’s Goals
Goal 1: To increase student learning and achievement for all students by using a variety of indicators to document improved learning. An emphasis will be on our significant subgroups (SpEd, ELs, PI and AA).
Goal 2: Students will be provided with qualified teachers who are well-trained and conversant in utilizing strategies that will maximize student learning.
Goal 3: All students, regardless of which school they attend, will be provided with an academic program that meets their needs and supports their achievement in ELA and Math (as well as other content areas).
Goal 4: All students will be provided with rigorous curriculum, engaging and research-based instructional practices, and access to lessons that are effectively designed for students to demonstrate their learning.
Goal 5: All students will be provided equitable and accessible grade level curriculum and standards through differentiated instruction.


What are some guidelines of behavior that we can all agree to so our meetings are effective and that we are most productive in our work?
Open Door Communication

Call, text, email @ 408.401.9307
Teacher office hours:
MF 7:50-8:20 am
WTh 3:15-3:45 pm
Outlook Calendar access
Weekly memos
Type "urgent" or "please respond by" on subject line in emails that need immediate response
Place written messages in office inbox or taped to computer screen
Refining/Creating the Los Cerritos

Mission: Why do we exist?

Vision: What do we desire our school to become in the future?

Core Values: To make the shared vision a reality, what specific behaviors and commitments will we demonstrate?

SMART Goals: Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Results-Oriented and Timebound
Clarify and Refine the Mission (if necessary)
1) What will students learn?
2) How will we know if each student has learned?
3) How will we respond when students do not learn?
4) How can we extend/enrich the learning for students who already know it?
Los Cerritos Current Mission
As a commitment to the educational success of all Los Cerritos students and in an effort to close the achievement gap, we implemented school wide reform on systematic signature practices through a coherent vision of explicitly shared instructional practices, teacher collaboration, and a shared belief that all students can learn.
Goal 6: All students will have effective instructional leaders that utilize and analyze data to drive all instructional decisions at the site.
Practices: Aligned with the EPCs
and the 5 District Initiatives
The 9 Essential
Program Components
is an improvement tool
designed to meet the
needs of all learners
* EPC 1 Implementation of the standards-based board-adopted materials * (District Initiative)
Programs must be implemented as designed
Documented to be in daily use in every classroom
EPC 2 Instructional Minutes
School/district complies with and monitors the daily implementation of instructional minutes in core, intensive, strategic ELA, Math and ELD
Given priority and protected from interruptions
* EPC 3 Pacing Guides *
Prepare, distribute, and monitor the use of annual instructional/assessment pacing guide
Documented to be in use
Teachers will have opportunities to work on pacing guides to ensure that essential standards are being taught within the school year before the CST
EPC 4 Leadership Training
PD for school administrators on
Instructional materials
Ongoing targeted support
To ensure full implementation of adopted programs and EPCs
EPC 5 Highly Qualified Teachers and Training
(District Initiatives: Use of EDI Strategies and Board Language and Math)
All classrooms are staffed with fully credentialed, highly qualified teachers
School/district provides instructional materials professional development
Explicit Direct Instruction
Board Language and Math
Professional Reading: Teach Like a Champion
Triad Schools
EPC 6 Ongoing Instructional Assistance and Support
Using content experts, specialists and instructional coaches
Work in the classrooms to support teachers
Academic coaches can support in lesson planning, providing feedback on instruction and bouncing ideas, providing PD, developing data tools to help analyze student data...
EPC 7 Implementation of Student Achievement Monitoring System
(District Initiative: Use of Data Director)
Provides timely data from formative, curriculum-embedded, and summative assessments
Teachers and principal use to monitor student progress, needs and inform instruction
* EPC 8 Structured Teacher Collaboration * (District Initiative: Engagement in Academic Conferences)
Structured collaboration meetings to analyze, discuss, and utilize the results of school assessments
Facilitated by the principal
Teacher Collaboration Days
Academic Conferencing
Progress-Monitoring Students
EPC 9 Fiscal Support
Funds are coordinated, prioritized and aligned with the implementation of the EPC’s

Frequent classroom visits are sacred, 5-7 minutes, 45 min daily
Adult presence in the classroom (front/back)
Walkthrough data is non-evaluative of teachers but is evaluative of the instructional program
3 Questions
What are you learning/doing?
Why are you learning/doing it?
How do you know if you are doing a good job?
Walkthrough Feedback
Focused on identifying instructional strategies and practices that impact students' learning
Develop a common walkthrough form and protocol
Share trends with staff
Common Core Standards

2012-2013 Focus
To become more educated and aware of the CCS by completing Modules 1 and 2 in 2012-2013

By Spring 2013
Begin building lesson objectives to the Common Core
Beginning of the Year Assessments
(Window: August 15-September 17)

Universal Screenings
BPST, Spelling
Measuring Up

CELDT (Aug. 17-Oct. 31)
Referrals & Buddy System
Climate Meetings & Grade Level Parent Meetings
STAR Student
Yard Duty
"Caught Being Good"
Apple Awards
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