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Laura's Beauty Salon

No description

Laura O'Dea

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of Laura's Beauty Salon

doonbeg, beauty salon doonbeg, beauty salon west clare, qualified therapists, laura o dea

<meta name=”description” content=”
Laura’s Beauty Salon, a small friendly business located 2 miles outside Doonbeg in West Clare. Situated 5 minutes from the luxury 5* Doonbeg Lodge and Golf Club

beauty salon doonbeg.....
Search the web...........
Treatments Page
Elemis skincare
Shallac Nails doonbeg
Intimate waxing
Treatment of the Month
Bridal make up specialists
Jane Iredale make up
Shop online
St Tropez
Gift Vouchers
Once upon a time......
there was a girl with a dream.....
Beauty salon Dooonbeg
Salon west clare
Located near Doonbeg Lodge
Near Kilkee and Kilrush
Qualified therapists
Gel nails
Research Findings
Treatments Page
Keywords for all pages

beauty salon doonbeg, treatments, treatments of the months, facials

<meta name=”description” content=”
Deep Cleansing Facial 60 minutes €55-Excellent for dehydrated skin in need of radiance – this hydra force mask bathes the skin in absolute moisture & vitamins & leaves a glowing

beauty salon doonbeg, shop, gift vouchers, st tropez

<meta name=”description” content=”
All the products we have in stock are online and available for purchase.
If you would like to request a special product please contact us on
065-9055091 or email k00181841@student.lit.ie

<meta name=”keywords” content=”
Doonbeg, Beauty salon Dooonbeg, Salon west clare, Located near Doonbeg Lodge, Near Kilkee and Kilrush, Qualified therapists, Elemis skincare, Shallac Nails doonbeg, waxing, Treatment of the Month, Bridal make up specialists, Jane Iredale make up, Shop online, St Tropez
Homepage Content
Link Building Strategy
Highlighted words are Internal links on website
Keywords used in content taken from Google adwords research for content optimisation.
Customer Acquisition

Include your Twitter and Facebook links everywhere e.g. website, business cards, email signature
Blog about your twitter and Facebook page
‘follow me
’ and ‘
’ buttons on homepage of website for twitter and Facebook.
Post about special offers/ competitions that will likely be re tweeted/ or shared on Facebook

Customer retention

Regular updates on both social media accounts.
Schedule your updates for peak twitter and Facebook times if you will be busy at the time.
Updates divided into 3 categories:
Rapid response to customer questions
Use bitly (a URL shortened website) for links used in tweets or posts. This website allows you to see how many people clicked on your link. You can then adjust your future posts to the most popular ones on the list i.e. more chance of re tweets/ new followers

Affiliated Businesses...
Elisa Hair Design, Doonbeg
– Is the local hair dressers in Doonbeg, we are not in direct competition with each other and can recommend clients to each others businesses.
Hitched.ie (wedding planners)
– Referrals from Hitched.ie in exchange for group discounts and promotions of Hitched.ie, in the salon.
Salon Services
– Beauty distributors nationwide, I will be added to their directory for an annual fee which will create more awareness of my salon .
Twitter and Facebook

My online focal point for all social media account is my website. All accounts link to my website which is my main advertising hub.

• I will use Tweetdeck which is a social media dashboard application for management of all social media accounts and is great for business as you need only post once and it will share to all accounts. This app utilises your time spent of social media and also allows you to reach all followers at one.

Armada Hotel
This is the no.1 hotel in Co Clare for wedding's and it would send a great deal of business to the salon being affiliated with them.
Doonbeg Drama Festival
- Has been in operation for 53 years and holds an annual festival that brings in a big volume of both locals and outsider customers. My salon would gain a lot of competitive advantage by having my salon associated with the festival. I would also donate a voucher for my salon on the final night for a 'spot prize'.
Treatment of the month for April - Full body tan was €25 now €18 #treatmentofthemonth.

For more details: bit.ly/1gJRdXD

(This post offers customers a discount and is likely to be re tweeted or link clicked on by my followers)
All lip glosses half price from our shop. Limited time only, while stocks last #lipglosses1/2price :bit.ly/1gJRdFG

( Promotion for customers creating a sense of urgency)
New blog “We’re a fan of the Tan” now up on our website reviewing the latest St. Tropez tan maintainer #wereafanofthetan : bit.ly/1gJRdPH
(Regular entries to the blog increase traffic to your website and promote the new product)
We would like to welcome our new member of staff, Laura Ryan to the team… Pop in and say hello #newstaffmember : pic.twitter.com/1HhlBm0d
(it would be of interest to my clients)
Pick up this week’s U magazine and read our article on being nominated for ‘Best Salon in Clare’ #Umagazine

(good advertising for the salon and to great PR)
Here is a before and after photo of Sarah’s eye make up for her Deb’s.
visual images are a great way to catch your eye!!

Summer is coming….what offers would ye like to see???? The most popular ones will be choose over the summer months.
Start conversation with potential customers and feedback from existing clients
Some bedtime tips for a fresher start to your day…
-giving another reason for your clients to follow you and not just looking for the business all the time
Gosh there is a right stretch in the evenings…….I can really show off my ‘tan’
-show your customers there is a real human behind the account and not just business posts all the time
Like and share this post and be in with a chance to win a €50 with of treatments at Laura’s Beauty Salon
advertising in the hope of getting new customers
Laura's Beauty Salon
Having carefully picked my keywords to use for the website I feel that in turn this will generate a successful stream of customers towards my website.

I have specifically targeted certain local businesses in which I can affiliate with to create more awareness and gain new customers to my business.
Having a good social media strategy for your business is the way forward, especially in the beauty industry as it is such a competitive market. We will be placing a lot of emphasis on customer acquisition and retention in our strategy as you can see from earlier in the presentation.
High monthly searches
Low competition on keywords
Devoting time daily to social media is important in business today. Regularly posting on twitter and facebook is a great advertising and PR tool when used properly. It is important not to tweet or post too often. People don't like you clogging up their news feeds. However you should post at least daily and use it as a means of direct communication with customers.
Name : Laura O Dea
K number : k00181841
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