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Social Exclusion NL Presentation

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Ludo Stanzi

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Social Exclusion NL Presentation

Every four years there is a research about the exclusion of disabled people within the Netherlands
The first report was in 1994
For example, in this research they took a look at the public transport and stations in combination with disabled people

Two important laws :
The Equal Treatment of Disabled and Chronically Ill people Act (WGBH/CZ)introduced in 2003
The Social Support Act (WMO) introduced in 2007 Government role Recognised consequences in comparison to other European Nations The future of the disabled people within the Netherlands
In the year 2012 the demand from disabled people for care and cost has grown substantially in the Netherlands due to:
The authorization of people with lighter mental disabilities
The improvement and expansion of the AWBZ (General law special healthcare)
The improvement of the diagnosis
The increasing demands of society on its disabled citizens
“They need Government funds and AWBZ care to keep their position , without these funds their chances within our society will be reduced” Level and structure Agenda Dependent on the government to be included into the Dutch society
Need certain funds, care and special circumstances to make them equal
Due to the economic crisis the government cannot afford the old regulations any more

So we need to find a way to collect more funds or to convince the society to take better care of the others

“Of course we could also choose to develop a way that would make the social security of the disabled no longer dependent on the government funds” Conclusion
Ways of fundraising :
Buying products like art, special wine and books.
Donate money

"(Almost) Everything is possible,
but nothing is mandatory" The organization The most remarkable was….
"The Lies van Urk Price" Other activities Government role Students Education:
60 % don’t finish school because of a lack of guidance and budget
More time, financial bonuses , easier to switch studies
Work :
At the moment a bonus is given if you hire a disabled person
New law in mind "There are eight elements of the quality of life, that can be affected as a consequence of social exclusion" - Emotional well-being
- Personal relationships
- Material well-being
- Personal development
- Physical well-being
- Self determination
- Embedding in society
- Rights Consequeces Mentally disabled:
60,000 people with severe intellectual disabilities
110,000 people with mild intellectual disabilities
Much larger group due to better diagnostic methods
Most of the increase in the mentally disabled group is due to additional problems that are related to learning, behavior or social skills Level and structure Number of people with physical disabilities (x 1000*) Level and structure “The Netherlands are known as a welfare state,
so all citizens are represented in matters of health, education, employment and also
Social security!”
  Level and structure Ludo Stanziani
Sarah-Elisa van Opbergen
Angeline Raaijmakers Social exclusion of disabled people Lucai foundation organizes a full-service, free, memorable and carefree holiday week for disabled and ill children and their families
*Only active in the Netherlands
* Children between 13 and 18
years. Foundation Lucai Causes and consequences “Providing the right kind of care and collecting money for special occasions and activities. But also stimulating boundaries like exercising and rehabilitations” Institutions Level and Structure
Causes and Consequences
Governement Role
'Lies van Urk' Price
Foundation 'Lucai'
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