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No description

Norman Jo

on 16 February 2015

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Transcript of Haus

We are, Haus.
-The pleasant Viewing Experience

Business Model
- Two possibilities, or both.

Marketing Strategy - Following Uber but more difficult.
Intense City by City launches.
Discounted first time commissions.
Wow Experience.
Word of Mouth.
Uber offers Free rides - Referal codes. (Not sure how to implement)
Charitable promotional events - raise awareness/charity. (No ideas yet)
Stormo Enterprises - The resource Brainstorm.
The new innovative which streamlines the search for housing.
Our goal is to make the housing search a more pleasurable experience for the customer.
A simple and speedy way to set up new property viewings where customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

We promote transparency and a competitive service from our real estate partners.

One click viewing arrangements
Ratings for both individual agents and Agencies.
Matching Algorithim ensures quickest available viewings.
Independent real estate agents aren't scrutinised.
What I'm looking for feature. - Direct notifications when new properties become available in marked areas.
Customers Register phone numbers.
Transparent pricing for customers
Tinder swiping on properties.
App Features
The power of a brand - Viral Marketing.
Our userbase is our most valuable asset.

We need to absolutely priotise:
and a positive
customer experience
Route 1 - (All fees paid by clients)
Fee per property advertisement.
Small fee per viewing organised.
Possibility of prioritising higher paying clients or clients.
Monthly subscription fees.
Route 2
Fixed commissions per sale or rental agreement.
Step 2 - Once high volume userbase established.
We will start allowing users to submit properties to be sold and rented.
We are not planning on managing real estate. - However could offer outsourcing solutions with partners.
Benefits to the clients: There will be no exclusivity contracts which will cause estate agents to contest viewings by booking through our app. - Result should be a quick turnover.
Due to our low structural costs we can lower commission rates which should give us the competitive edge to become a market leader.
New features: Instasell: We offer to take property off customers hands instantly at a discounted evaluation rate
The Final Solution.
Once controlling supply of housing and demand of customers the next step is to start hiring independent real estate agents working under Haus.

Real estate agents will be glorified doormen which will be allowed to work flexible hours. - This can be compared to Uber drivers. We can now control both commissions, fees and wages.

Viral Marketing
Snap your Haus. -Attempt to trend Baller pictures of your home - Twitter/ Instagram - incorporate it's own instagram type feature?
What it's worth - pattern recognition software evaluates house on picture taken from street, data and location. ( use GPS signal)
Charity event - Some sort of Campaign for the homeless?
Love your Haus Campaign. (Free t-shirt give away with best Haus Snaps?) - Promote personal pride and competition.
Limited Website - No functions
All our resources are focused on app.
Less competition in app market.
Forces Customers to use app.
Traditional Advertisement.
Tube posters.
Evening Standard.
TV commercials.
Limited Resources, evaluate costs and benefits of each individual strategy.
We will initially be focusing on the rental market. - Although the buyers market will not be hard to additionally add, with minimal resources.

Step by Step -
Log in / Register. - Phone number + FB login.
Map comes up.
Select zones Interested.
Criteria for your houses.
Tinder Homes comes up.
Creates a list which you liked.
Houses are clustered into real estate agents which can show selected houses.

Now you can view ratings and available times of Agents with access to liked properties.
Select time.
Confirmed by Agent.
Confirmed by Client.
Book an Appointment
App - Arm
Personal Trading
Month Ends
ID and Double IB Breaks
Three Bar
Trading Website
Offer free content trading course.
Guests posts and additional trade ideas
Advertise the performance of a top-trade only fund.
Give people the opportunity to invest, into only the following ideas. - High transparency is essential.
Massages on Demand.
Health Care app - Find the quickest appointment.
Development Costs
Development Costs
Development Costs.
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