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Mirror Mirror Why?

Our 7th Grade holocaust project

School Projects

on 4 February 2016

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Transcript of Mirror Mirror Why?

The Rescuers
Clearly the rescuers were the "fairest of them all".
They did their best to better others lives and risked their own lives to save innocent ones.
Rescuers are changing society and saving thousands at a time.
The "Fairest" of them ALL!
The Victims
The Perpetrators
Some Perpetrators were told lies since they were young about the Jews and never asked why the Jews were always viewed as bad people. An example would be the Hitler Youth Movement.
Other Perpetrators simply followed orders to kill Jews or beat them up, or send them to concentration camps. They feared getting in trouble if they did not do what they were told.
In many cases, the perpetrators believed that Jews were bad people from propaganda and stereotyping.
For what ever reason the perpetrators acted as they did, all actions fell under one step or another of the hate pyramid.
The Bystanders
In most cases, the bystanders such as other Germans, and people who were not targeted by the Nazis just didn't seem to believe that it was their problem.
They found no reason to help the Jews. Bystanders may have not cared or didn't want any problems with the Germans.
Other bystanders worried that they would get in trouble or have a serious penalty for helping Jews. They watched and did nothing, making them Bystanders.
Why find out why?
Finding out why each group did what they did can help you decide who is the fairest of them all.
You will learn the intentions of the perpetrators, bystanders, victims and rescuers, thus helping you decide who is the fairest of them all.
From their mistakes you can learn what you need to do so that you can be the fairest of them all.

"Mirror Mirror"
By: Migdalia, Ashley, and Nishi.
Will You be the fairest of them all???
Rescuers , such as Varian Fry, Meip Gies, and Kurt Gerstein, helped innocent people like the Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, and other “enemies of the state” because the realized that they were being wrongfully punished and persecuted.

Other rescuers treated others the way they wanted to be treated and did what they did for humanity. They learned these values from their parents making them rescuers.

Most rescuers knew what was going on and felt pity for the innocent victims so they did what they did regardless of the risks of getting fined, jailed or even killed.
Despite everything that happens to victims, its always a good thing to stay strong and believe in your self. When a group works together in staying strong they can over come any circumstance or situation. From the experiences of the victims, people learn to remain strong in their beliefs and work together as a group to defeat perpetrators. Clearly, no matter how small the action, or the person performing it, it can still make a big difference. Always remember to stand up for yourself, and you will overcome any obstacles in your way. We can become more courageous to defeat perpetrators, more aware to understand why we are standing up for what we believe in, and to become the fairest of them all so that we may set an example for others. In these ways and learning what the victims went through we can become the fairest of them all and make the world a better place so that something like the Holocaust will never occur again.
What can we learn from the Victims of the Holocaust?
What can we learn from the Perpetrators of the Holocaust?
What can we learn from the Bystanders of the Holocaust?
What can we learn from the Rescuers of the Holocaust?
From the actions and in-actions of the bystanders of the Holocaust, many people can learn from their mistakes. Although it may not be your problem, or your business, or your people, standing their and watching is just as bad as taking part in the acts of bias, acts of prejudice, discrimination, violence, or genocide. Ellie Wiesel once said “All that is needed for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing”. So if good men, or the bystanders, do nothing they are not helping the situation, we are not doing everything that we are capable of to help victims. We are almost considered perpetrators if we are ignoring the problem. Another important lesson learned is to help whoever is right for justice and humanity, to risk everything to save innocent lives and souls, to have the courage and stand against evil, to be remembered for what you did to help, not the things that you didn't do to make it worse. Clearly, from the mistakes of the bystanders we can become more fair people. Due to the fact that the bystanders did not do what they could, they did not save lives and many people died that they could have helped. The mistakes and morals we have learned can help us be the fairest of them all and prevent an event from the Holocaust from happening again.
Many victims stood up for other people and their values and they did so because they wanted to do what was right. They stood up for people because they were persecuted in concentration and death camps.
They still remained strong in their beliefs and faith because their values are to strong to be torn down.
The yellow stars required to be worn by Jews because of their religion identified them, making them easy targets for Nazis.
Why not the perpetrators, Bystanders or Victims?
What actions and in-actions will you take to become a fairer, more tolerant and aware person in the present and in the future?
The perpetrators hurt innocent lives and either took part in the acts of bias, acts of prejudice, discrimination, violence, or genocide, these are in no way characteristics of a fair people.

Bystanders also could not be the fairest because they did NOTHING to help the situation as they stared at innocent lives being discriminated, harassed, and killed.

Victims were wrongfully persecuted and suffered from the actions of the perpetrators, but the rescuers just did a little bit more to help others.
From the rescuers we can learn that if you see something bad that is going on do what ever you are capable of to help better it, or stop it. We can learn to stand up for what is right and stand up for humanity to make the world a better place one step at a time. From the intentions, actions and inaction of the rescuers, we learn to do unto others what we would want for them to do to us if we were in their shoes. Clearly, we have also learned to help those who are in need no matter who they are or where they are from or what they believe in.
From all the things we have learned about the perpetrators,we know not to make the same mistakes as they did. Their actions and in-actions have shown us not to hate people and to do things for ourselves and to also help others when they need it the most. From what we have learned, we now know that no matter the race, religion, or whatever the difference may be you should not hate or hurt anyone just because who they are. Some perpetrators did it because they wanted to be cruel, others were afraid of the consequences of going against the government, and others were young children and teens who did it to fit in.
In order for us to become a fairer more tolerant and aware people we can treat others as we would like to be treated, we can learn to accept other ethnic/ religious groups and treat all humans equally.
We must also question and not let others act and decide for us, if something doesn't seem right ask yourself "Is this fair and just?" This can help us become a fairer people now and in the future.
This can also set an example for others and can help others become fair, one person at a time. A small action goes a long way and this can prevent an event like the Holocaust from happening again.
Clearly if we work together we can become a fairer, more tolerant, and aware people in the present and in the future!
In an article published on August 8, 1943, the New York Times referred to a headline in a London newspaper which read: "2,000,000 Murders by Nazis Charged. Polish Paper in London says Jews Are Exterminated in Treblinka Death House." The subtitle read : "According to report, steam is used to kill men, women and children at a place in the woods." The London newspaper story was based upon an article published on August 7th in the magazine Polish Labor Fights, which contained information from a Polish report on November 15, 1942.
The Einsatzgruppen, an example of perpetrators that killed thousands of Jews at a time and then burned them to hide indications of their crimes.
This family is required by law to wear the Star of David, identifying them as Jews. If they do not wear the star, they face severe punishment.
These children are imprisoned in a concentration camp unaware of their upcoming experience in the concentration camp Auschwitz.
These people are
shopping in Berlin. The text on the poster says “Germans, protect yourself against atrocious Jewish propaganda. Buy only in German stores!" Of course many of the people reading did not speak up or try to stop the propaganda.
A German village indicating that Jews are not welcome within municipal boundaries. Many people saw the sign and knew what was happening was wrong yet did nothing to stop the situation, thus they were bystanders.
Those who couldn't even crawl propped themselves up on an elbow, and somehow, through all their pain and suffering, revealed through their eyes the gratitude, the joy they felt at the arrival of Americans.

--Captain J.D. Pletcher, 71st Division Headquarters
Eisenhower sent troops in April 1945 to inspect Buchenwald Concentration Camp liberating many prisoners.
Miep Gies hid the Frank family during the Holocaust. When they were caught she tried her best to bribe the soldiers with old jewelry or other items to let the family go.
Varian Fry helped many Jewish refugees escape out of Nazi Germany during the Holocaust by helping raise money to support European anti-Nazi movements. In August 1940, he went to Marseille as an agent of the newly formed Emergency Rescue Committee in an effort to help people wishing to flee the Nazis.
Corrie ten Boom helped many Jews escape the Nazi territory during the Holocaust and WWII. Her home in the Netherlands became a hiding place in 1942.
Raoul Wallenberg was a Swedish diplomat who possibly saved more lives than any other single rescuer by issuing tens of thousands of illegal visas to Jews in Hungary.
Hitler said, "He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future."

The children shown are members of the Hitler Youth Movement.
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