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The Greek Goverment

No description

gs students

on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of The Greek Goverment

What They Did
They let the people of the city state choose each law.So if they wanted a law then they got it as long as it got enough votes.
What They Believe
They all believed in the three main forms.
The Three Main Forms
The main forms were that they were ruled by the king. The other form was ruled in small groups.The last form is that they were ruled by many.

The City States.
They all had their own city state in Greece because of the reason of that they are in a state but had many cities inside it.
What Else Do I Know
The greek people were very proud about what they had done and were very loyal to their city states.They was a thousand city states.They traded together.
The names they had
The people all had names,but their names were based on what city state they were in like Sparta and their name would be the Spartans.
The Greek Government
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