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Black Holes that are not white

No description

yo mama

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Black Holes that are not white

...Theoretically, Time Dilation Super Massive
Black Holes Planet
Potato Ahead by 3
billionths of
a second Time on Surface TimE What are black holes? Black holes are objects of immense gravity. LOL Get it, Tim-E, like Timmy
And it's Time too LOL LOL How they form "Only rainbows when I feels like such things must happen." Celestial Body #7598 The Outermost The Fastest is where time passes The Innermost The Slowest is where time passes Time Dilation This is since no one has taken multivariate calculus
or is an
astrophysicist And Here we go Ben Voth Aaron Lerch This is where
you all applaud Black Holes & Time Dilation Super Massive -Aaron Lerch, 2012 (Globe) Just a helicopter
Cause why not some random reference? When an exploding star (supernova), collapses...

Then forms a black hole. When an exploding star (supernova) collapses...

A black hole forms. star (collapseation) ...if an object is crushed to its point of singularity... So... any object can become a black hole! Like TimE's car! (will discuss later) So, take this apple for example. Its singularity is the point in which Wait,
what? this apple must be crushed so that it has no volume... but INFINITE density. The smaller the object, So we would have to crush this apple very very small. the smaller the point of singularity will be. The black hole is crushed to its point of singularity. But because the nearest black hole is a whopping 26,000 light years away... The technology of today doesn't allow getting there. At 17,500 miles per hour it would take us 994,837,365 years to get there. Time is not linear But in an ideal world... ...with awesome technology... ...it would be possible to make our own time machine. Think of Space as a fabric lol cookie Our universe has 3 Spacial Dimensions... & Dimension 1 Time The fabric is woven with the 3 Spacial 1 Time Dimensions & So when a celestial body such as a planet... Or maybe a black hole... Is dropped onto that fabric and bends that fabric... bends Space is affected Gravitational pull. BUT... ...so is time, causing causing time dilation. HINT HINT In a gravitational field... 217 mph Time Travel moite Dimension. As you can see, time isn't effected by a huge amount. And there isn't much practicality in getting there. We would need to have LOTS of supplies to stay in the black hole for a significant amount of time. So, time travel is possible only if you remember to pick up your handy dandy black hole * *also available at other retailers When will this technology be available? How will society react? Will we ever have the technology to
create our own black hole? Who would want to attempt time travel? How much would this cost? at your local thrift shop. When will time travel be possible? What would be the use? Why would we need to travel through time? What would cause us to
attempt time travel? Where would we get the resources to travel that far? What great minds would
think of such technology? Would the government fund time travel? Will TimE come back alive? Is using time warping to our
advantage an ethical idea? Would there be any side affects? Can this theory be disproved? What emergency would bring us to do this? What future discoveries might spur time travel research? Is this safe? Will the human race ever come to this? Theoretically, Not even light can escape.
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