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10 Events that lead up to the Holocaust

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Hanna Benavidez

on 16 October 2015

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Transcript of 10 Events that lead up to the Holocaust

10 Events that lead up to the Holocaust
By: Hanna Benavidez

2.) 1923 Hitler and his party were involved in a putsch
In 1923 Hitler & his party were involved in a putsch (violent attempt to overthrow a government) to overthrow the government.
3.) In 1923 Hitler was sentenced 5 years in prison
4.) 1933 Hitler became chancellor of Germany
Hitler passed a law and limited the amount of non-Aryan’s allowed to go to school



1.) 1918 WW1 ended - Germany lost
During this period of humiliation, the Nazi party took route and Hitler joined.
During his 5 years in prison he wrote his book about the Aryan blood and blamed the jews for Germany’s loss

5.) In 1933 books were burned
In may 1933 20,000 books were burned in the Opernplatz (City in Germany)
6.) 1935 The Reich Citizenship Law
In 1935 The Reich Citizenship Law banned anyone of Jewish descent from being a German citizen.

7.) 1935 marriages
Marriages between Jews and Germans were banned in 1935
8.) 1938 decrees
Decree authorizing local authorities to bar Jews from the streets on certain days, and the decree providing for sale of Jewish real estate.
9.) 1938 - Direct Providing

Direct providing of concentration (gathering) in jewish homes forced by the Nazi's.

10.) 1938 The Kristallnacht - Night of the broken glass
In one night, most synagogues and hundreds of Jewish-owned German businesses are destroyed. Almost 100 Jews are killed, and 10,000 are sent to concentration camps.
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